Signagelive Hierarchies preview and feedback

As we begin to build out the development plan for Hierarchies, we want to receive your feedback on the 6 releases we have created to enable Hierarchies for Signagelive.

What are Hierarchies?

Hierarchies give you the ability to be able to build a Hierarchy structure within a Signagelive network, and control a user’s permissions and access to objects based on levels of the hierarchy, as well as share objects with specific users, user groups, or hierarchy levels, which are not in their hierarchy level or below.

Why might I need Hierarchies?

Hierarchies allow you to segment a user’s experience, allowing them to control and manage a portion of your Signagelive network, while still being able to configure users who have access to the entire network from an “Admin” perspective. With Hierarchies, you will be able to give your users the access they need to be as independent as you choose.