Signagelive introduces new team member, Gerald Payton, on his role as Business Development Manager


“Signagelive presents a high-growth opportunity for the US market”

As Signagelive continues to step up its plans for expansion in the US, we talk to new team member, Gerald Payton, about his role as Business Development Manager, and how he plans to help meet the company’s ambitious growth targets.

  • Why did you decide to join the Signagelive Team?

I was really drawn to this role, because Signagelive presents such an exciting high-growth opportunity for the US. It has huge potential in a market of this size, offering a great product with great features, and that’s backed up by value-added support materials and literature. The competence, and commitment of the team, as well as the strategy of its leadership also provided additional motivation for me to join. Already tried, tested and incredibly successful across the EMEA region, I believe there is every opportunity for us to match this success in the States.

  • How are you finding the role?

I’m enjoying it. In the US, we are just kicking off, so it’s exciting to be able to inform and drive strategy and watch the business take shape. We’re relatively new to the market, and with our credentials and experience, we have everything to play for.

Everyone has been welcoming and very helpful, so I’m looking forward to building solid working relationships to ensure that I deliver as much support for our customers as possible. I’m lucky to be part of an experienced team that shares my drive and ambition, and to work for a company with a work culture that I believe in. 

As a company, our common goal is to build long-lasting business partnerships with customers, which, for us, is key to building a strong, profitable and sustainable business model.

To this end, I have been reaching out and talking to end users across different sectors, from corporate and QSR to retail, events and health. 

It has been rewarding to highlight our new product features, as well as the many ways in which Signagelive can be implemented and how it can add real and relevant value for pretty much any industry application. I’m based in Miami and have been demonstrating Signagelive’s capabilities at a private office we have in Fort Lauderdale. I’m looking forward to inviting more customers there to experience, first-hand, the power of the solution, and how it can work for their business.

Moving forward into 2022, I believe Signagelive will be key to the digital transformation of many businesses, offering an accessible, user-friendly, all-in-one system that can grow with businesses of any size. This could be for a small company with future plans to scale up, or a continuously expanding corporation with a vast network of screens.

  • What did you do before you joined Signagelive?

After graduating with a degree in maths and economics from University Maryland, Baltimore County in 2017, I went on to work in finance at T. Rowe Price and Morgan Stanley, and then for software company, Oracle. I think my background has given me a good grounding, both in the economics of how to run profitable businesses, and in fundamental software knowledge. As I mentioned, I view customer relationships as long-term partnerships that should be nurtured and grown. This means that to add value, you really need to understand your customers’ business models, the challenges of their digital project, and how exactly your solution can add optimum value. To work well, you have to be on hand to offer consultative support, not just for the installation and deployment, but throughout the product’s life cycle. 

  • What are your passions and interests?

I love to travel. I have lived, studied and worked in different places across the US. I was born in Ohio and raised in North Carolina. I then went to study in Baltimore, Maryland and work in Los Angeles. I’m hoping that this life experience – this familiarity with different states and cities – will stand me in good stead, as Covid-permitting, I would like to travel and visit as many end users as possible next year. I’m responsible for a vast territory, so I want to ensure that customers are given equal support and opportunity, wherever they live. 

Given the industry I’m in, it may sound cliched, but I also have a passion for innovation and technology. I’m particularly interested in SAAS technologies. This passion for technology is another reason why I decided to join Signagelive. Constantly innovating and making additions to its software, Signagelive has many developments in store for 2022. I’m looking forward to liaising with our technology partners and introducing our customers to some exciting new integrations for 2022.

When I’m not working, I also like to box and enjoy the challenge of high-level strategy games, such as chess.

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