Signagelive powered NEC ALP solution for Living Retail Lab wins 2020 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage Application in Retail


Digital Signage Magazine has recently unveiled the winners of its 2020 DIGI Awards and we were delighted to see the Signagelive powered NEC ALP solution for Living Retail Lab won  ‘Best Digital Signage Application in Retail’.

Best Digital Signage Application: Retail

NEC Display—Living Retail Lab

The 15-week, real-world test demonstrated how imagery and movement on digital menu boards had an influence on customer behavior and bar sales. Using NEC’s Analytics Learning Platform (ALP Pro), which includes anonymous detection cameras, they tested three different types of content, and by delivering different promotional content based on gender triggers, the ecosystem of Living Retail Lab partners were able to see what types of content increased throughput (by lowering dwell times), which ones increased sales (overall, and sales of certain products), and which types increased check average.

Signagelive collaborated with NEC to install their ALP solution for the Living Retail Lab project. NEC ALP Campaigns were deployed to Signagelive and targeted media was scheduled and played back in real-time based on the audience analytics gathered from the store.

The findings provide excellent verification that digital menu boards with the right content make a significant positive difference to revenue over static traditional menus.

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