Signagelive tunes into trio of market opportunities with new hire, Jørgen Enevoldsen [+VIDEO]

“I want to be the guy that customers can call at five in the morning or five in the evening.”

Jørgen Enevoldsen, Regional Manager for the Nordics, Benelux and Baltics

From radio engineer to digital signage expert and veteran, Jørgen Enevoldsen, has racked up an impressive 20-year track record of success in the pro AV industry. Starting out his illustrious career when video cassettes were still a “thing”, Jørgen has made a name for himself, working with both AV integrators and IT distributors to grow the footprint of multiple big sector players. Now, this Denmark-based foodie, with his insatiable appetite for success, is set to take on his next big challenge, which is to develop a trio of markets – the Nordics, Benelux and Baltics – for Signagelive in his new role as Regional Manager.


Q. Can you tell us more about your professional background?

I began my career as a radio engineer – way back in the days of “video cassettes”- before moving into digital signage, as the sector was first taking off. I’ve seen many changes take place as the market has grown. In the last ten years, for example, the AV and IT sectors have started to merge, and that’s reflected in the kind of partners I deal with, which have increasingly come to include IT distributors, as well as AV integrators.

Q. What made you decide to join the Signagelive team?

I’ve been working for a long time in the hardware sector, and really missed the software side. There are so many things you can do, and so many things you can solve on the software side. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to work in the software sector again, I took it. I’ve always considered Signagelive to be one of the top five digital signage software companies, especially in Europe, so this was the ideal role for me.

Q. How will you tackle your new role?

I will probably start by taking a tour of the regions to visit our partners and ensure that they are having the best possible Signagelive experience. If there are any areas where I believe we can offer further improvements, I will do so.  It’s an opportunity for me to listen to them and hear their suggestions first-hand about how we could do better. I’m also keen to explore new business opportunities and onboard additional customers, as well as collaborate more with screen manufacturers and other partners.

In terms of customer relationships, I definitely have some goals. I want to be the guy that customers can call at five in the morning or five in the evening and say “Hey, we have a problem”, and I will throw everything else aside to help them.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I must admit that I’m a total foodie. I like to go and visit restaurants and I often pinpoint the ones I’d like to visit around the world. Then, if by chance, I should be in the region and nearby, I will see if I can make my schedule work, so that I can visit them. That’s I guess my biggest hobby. 

Here in Denmark, we’re pretty good with Michelin-starred restaurants. I recently visited one in the northern part of Denmark. It’s very small, but it’s an experience.

I also really love to travel. I have never been to Asia, Australia and New Zealand, so I would really like to visit these areas, but I’ve been to most other places around the world. 

I like to go to the US, because it’s such as diverse country. You can see and try and experience everything. My last trip over there was just a few weeks ago.

I have travelled up and down the West coast and I can really recommend it. It’s such a laid-back lifestyle.

Q. Will customers and partners be able to meet you at any up-coming shows?

Yes! I will actually be in London on the 12th of December for a Google partner event, and then of course in Barcelona for ISE 2024. I really look forward to seeing everyone there.