Signagelive VAR Partner Accreditation

We at Signagelive we want to empower our valued partners to help you not only sell Signagelive but also be able to provide a high level of support yourself to your end users throughout your relationship with them. We’d strongly recommend that you follow our VAR Partner Accreditation steps below to help you become an expert and allow you to get the most out of your experience with our platform.

  • Step 1: Please read our Introduction to Signagelive article and watch this video for benefits of working with Signagelive.
  • Step 2: Please read of our Why become a Signagelive VAR Partner information.
  • Step 3: Please watch one our live or recorded webinars and then read our topics under Basics.
  • Step 4: Go back to each section in the TRAINING section and read or watch any specific tutorials related to your project.
  • Step 5: Call your Signagelive Account Manager so you can work together on any proposed projects.

Signagelive Training

Signagelive likes to work closely with our partners to help you with our platform. Please follow the training steps and resources below to begin learning about the core aspects of Signagelive.

Signagelive Overview


Begin your experience with Signagelive by reading our introduction article in our Help Centre. You can also learn more about the benefits of working with Signagelive by watching this video.

You can read all about Signagelive in the An introduction to Signagelive article in the Signagelive Help Centre. You can also learn more about the benefits of working with Signagelive by watching this video.

For further information about Signagelive as a company or our services, continue to browse our website and take a moment to read about us as a business.

Why become a Signagelive VAR Partner?

By becoming a Signagelive reseller partner, you will be given access to the Signagelive Reseller Portal where you can go to learn more about the benefits of becoming a VAR partner as well as register your opportunities and our rebate scheme.

You can read about the benefits of becoming a Signagelive VAR (Value Added Reseller) partner and the support we are able to offer both you and the end users in our article, here. And, you can learn more about some of the many ways that our existing customers are using Signagelive in the Case Studies section of our Signagelive website.

Signagelive has a ‘licence per Player’ approach. You can learn more about licences, our annual and monthly pricing models and even see the most frequently asked questions by visiting the Pricing page on the Signagelive website.

How to use Signagelive

Getting Started with Signagelive

Begin by having a look at the Signagelive Basics section of the Signagelive Help Centre. This will help you learn more about the Supported Media Players, their supported features and contents as well as giving you some tips to correctly creating the content you wish to show on your Players, even before uploading it to Signagelive.

The Getting Started section of the Help Centre will guide you through setting up your first Network along with adding licences, Players and users before the uploading and publishing your own media.

Content Management

Use the Content Management section of the Help Centre to help you learn more about the following subjects:

Signagelive Marketplace and Widgets
Additional Features

Network Management

Use the Network Management of the Help Centre to learn more about the following topics:

Network Management

How to Configure my Media Players

You can learn even more about how to set up each Signagelive Player, activate and manage them, in this section of the Help Centre.

You can also see detailed instructions for configuring each of the supported Signagelive Player types in the following links:

Signagelive Support and Resources

Contacting the Support Team

You can learn more about how to contact Signagelive Support, here. You can also access either the Signagelive Help Centre or Signagelive YouTube channel for all of our available articles and videos.

The Help Centre

Signagelive YouTube Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Resources

No matter how well you know Signagelive, we expect you to always need some assistance from us, so we make sure our support is readily available. We offer Live Chat throughout Signagelive meaning you can speak directly to the Sales or Support teams, as well as being easily accessible via phone or email. Not only that, but the Signagelive Help Centre and YouTube Channel are always available for you to browse to find instructions on any Signagelive feature or question you may have.

Finally, you can always see what we are working towards and any changes made to Signagelive and our Players, here in the Roadmap and if you don’t see the feature on our roadmap but would like to help us improve Signagelive, you can register any ideas in the Signagelive Ideas Portal.

We also have a Helpful Downloads and Tools article available in the Help Centre for you to find any software and additional downloads required, giving you useful links to help set up your Media Players.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

You can find all of our helpful tutorial videos on the Signagelive YouTube Channel as well as within our Help Centre articles. But you can use the links below to navigate some particularly useful playlists:

Partner Accreditation Quiz

Partner Accreditation Quiz

In order to complete the Signagelive Partner Accreditation, you must pass this quiz. You can use all the available resources to assist you and once submitted, we’ll be happy to review with you to cover any topics you may need to revisit. Once submitted, it will be sent to our Training Team for review and we will respond with your score shortly.

You can find the quiz, here.

Good luck!