What’s new in Signagelive? – The Signagelive Marketplace is OPEN!

Whether you are a new Signagelive user or a seasoned expert, you may still be looking for help with content for your digital signage network, the Signagelive Marketplace is where to look.

Hopefully you have joined us on one of our Webinars introducing the Marketplace and have already been browsing, if not here’s an overview for you.

We opened the Marketplace with a great selection of content and applications for you to use free of charge.



Want to do something a bit more complex, and manage menus? That’s great the first set of Applications we’ve added are perfect for you!


Here’s one we created earlier!


New Stock Arriving Soon!

Now the Marketplace is open, we will be continuing to add new stock of our own, but as a sneak peek here’s what’s coming up next!




Collaboration with Signagelive

The Marketplace isn’t a closed shop, in fact we want it to be the opposite, so we are keen for you to provide us with content and applications to be available to Signagelive Users through the Marketplace, or are you just interested in making your own content now you’ve seen the possibilities in the Marketplace.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, have a read of this article.

Get in touch with your Signagelive Account Manager to discuss in more detail.