Digiframe Media delivers Signagelive to Airtours travel agency

Swedish travel agency Airtours has installed Signagelive into their Stockholm flagship store. With a 7 screen installation, both in-window and in-store, Airtours provide dynamic and up to date in-store marketing.

With Signagelive the marketing division have complete control of on screen offers. Using dynamic flash content that communicates with their own database they keep the last minute pricing constantly updated both inside the store as well as in-window, something that was impossible to achieve at a reasonable cost with static signage.

About Airtours: Airtours is Swedens 5th largest travel agent with 10 years in the business and over 100,000 satisfied customers every year.

Daniel Aarenstrup – CEO and founder of Digiframe Media said “Working with Signagelive and a SaaS concept was a charm when dealing with a company like Airtours. They had a clear vision and understanding of what they wanted to achieve. With their current in-house knowledge and experience on dynamic flash all they needed was the right tools to turn it into a great digital signage solution”.

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