Digiframe Media expand into Norway

Digiframe Media

Signagelive distributor Digiframe Media have opened a new office in Norway. The Swedish company has recently expanded its offering to the Norwegian market – a country with a growing digital signage market.

Daniel Aarenstrup CEO of Digiframe Media said:

“The decision to expand into Norway was very easy to make. We have had a large number of enquiries regarding our digital signage solutions and with Signagelive being a SaaS solution we can offer the same support no matter where the installation takes ace.”

Darren Cremins Head of Distribution for Signagelive commented:

“Once again the power of Signagelive being a SaaS digital signage solution enable us and our distributors to expand with please and to offer a very cost effective solution whilst eliminating the geographical boundaries that exist with traditional client/server solutions. We have worked very closely with Digiframe Media over the past 18 months and are very excited about working with them to win business in Norway.”

For more information please contact the Norwegian Country Manager or visit www.digiframe.se
Markus Morkola
+47(0)92 888 733

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