Flexitive brings powerful content creation capabilities to Signagelive


Signagelive and Flexitive have collaborated to bring the ease and power of next generation animated HTML5 content to Signagelive.

Flexitive connects to the ecosystem, so the thousands of organisations using Signagelive can take their content from design to sign without the need for programming knowledge or expensive development. Organisations can serve Flexitive designs to the Signagelive platform directly or through an optimised experience developed using Signagelive’s Widget Development Framework, enabling offline playback of Flexitive content on Signagelive supported players and System on Chip (SoC) Displays. Those designs served directly to Signagelive can easily be edited, changed or updated instantly, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Signagelive and Flexitive are working together to provide digital signage solutions to Value Added Resellers and their customers.


Paul Vincent – CEO – Neuranet

The partnership between Signagelive and Flexitive combines the reach of the world-class Signagelive digital signage network with the unprecedented responsive design creative capabilities of Flexitive Design Cloud.

Flexitive helps organisations on the Signagelive platform build, animate, and scale one design that adapts to unlimited sizes, including at 4K resolutions.

Jason Cremins – CEO and Founder Signagelive

We have been long time admirers of the Flexitive creative tools for delivering responsive HTML5 animations, and from the outset, we knew there was a perfect technical and commercial fit with our Signagelive platform and the needs of our partners and customers.

Our Widget Development Framework enabled Flexitive to optimise and export their animations so that they work offline on Signagelive supported players and SoC Displays from the major hardware vendors. This feature is critical to ensuring Flexitive content continues playing in the event of a loss of Internet connectivity.

Flexitive is the perfect companion to Signagelive for partners and customers looking for a powerful, easy to use creative design tool for delivering stunning animated HTML5 content.


About Flexitive

Flexitive Design Cloud is developed by Neuranet, the technology company revolutionizing visual communications. Flexitive helps organisations create responsive content that looks amazing, and adapts to any screen with no coding required.

Substantial growth is expected to continue for both digital advertising and the wider digital signage market. The growing diversity of digital signage in Europe, and across the world, is creating a demand for multiple sizes for DOOH. With responsive design, Flexitive scales production so that organisations can remain competitive.

Flexitive combines assets like video, images, and text with features that include widgets, animation, and data feeds to create fully-responsive content that looks amazing. With Flexitive, designers can build one design that adapts to unlimited sizes, and create variations in seconds.

To find out how Flexitive can help your organisation, please contact:

Paul Vincent – CEO


About Signagelive

Signagelive’s digital signage platform is used globally by over 1,900 organisations to manage their networks. Supplying digital signage software and services to multiple markets including retail, education, and hospitality, to over 46 countries across EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific. Its innovative technology media playback software is written in HTML5, is cloud-based and is compatible with an unrivalled number of display screens, mobile devices and video wall display systems.

Signagelive Contact
Jason Cremins