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Signagelive partners with Seenspire to promote social media offering to add dynamic, engaging and relevant content for digital signage networks

New partnership with Seenspire fortifies content solutions

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 10th April, 2017 — Signagelive, global provider of cloud-based digital signage platform, now recommends a dynamic social media solution to their network of 500 resellers and 1,700 networks around the globe. The Social Media Wall, which is available through a partnership with Seenspire, enables resellers and customers to create their own social media channels designed for displays.

“Getting a screen on the wall playing content is relatively easy,” said Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “How to make that screen relevant to the viewer is a different story. Social media, if delivered correctly, can make an incredible impact through digital displays.”

Social Media Wall users can moderate their channels manually or set automated rules. The cloud-based system delivers the social content in HTML5 format and is compatible with Signagelive’s many supported digital signage devices, including; Samsung’s new Tizen-powered displays, Google Chrome OS devices, LG WebOS Displays, Philips Android SoC Displays, IAdea players and displays, and the latest BrightSign Series 3 digital signage players.

Seenspire’s social media wall solution is designed to give partners and end users a never-ending supply of user-generated content. Cost-effective subscription pricing, dynamic display designs and a user-friendly interface were just some of the many reasons that prompted Signagelive to recommend the Seenspire Social Media Wall.

“From our point of view, we have a duty to recommend best of breed solutions for use with our platform and the media devices that we support and to our resellers and customers,” Cremins said. “What I love is the workflow, how easy it is to connect a social media account, choose a display design and publish ready for use with Signagelive.”

Signagelive’s partnership with Seenspire reinforces the company’s commitment to enhance its core services with quality content solutions. Signagelive is a leading cross-platform digital signage solution provider in the cloud.

Seenspire Director Samuel Mekonen looks forward to working with Signagelive to push the boundaries of digital display communications.

“We’re aligned on where and how we want to innovate,” Mekonen said. “Our common goal of smart signage and our vision for the developing industry have brought us together.”

For further information and to sign up for a free trial, visit Seenspire Social Media Wall for Signagelive.

#DSE2017 over, thanks for making it a great success for Signagelive

Signagelive at DSE 2017

We had a great time at Digital Signage Expo last week meeting both new and prospective partners and customers. Our Marketplace with free content and widgets was a big hit, as was our Web Trigger demonstrations showing how any web-connected app or device can change the content displayed on a Signagelive managed SoC Display or player.

At the show we announced support for the Philips Android SoC Displays and BrightSign’s Series 3 digital signage players; both of which were met with a ‘thumbs up’ from everyone we met and spoke to. Thanks to the BrightSign team for the steady stream of resellers and customers that you sent our way.

Philips DSE 2
Dave Petricig our Business Development Manager was asked by the Rave Publications team to say a few words on our presence at the show, here is the resulting video:

Thanks to everyone who we met last week, we really appreciated the positive feedback and look forward to following up with you all and assisting you with your digital signage requirements.

The Signagelive Team

Voice Activated Digital Signage from Signagelive and Google

We are always looking for cool new ways to control and influence content on screens at Signagelive, in particular using our Web Triggers API so I couldn’t miss this opportunity to experiment with Google Home (others coming soon…. 😉 )

In this video,  we demonstrate an example application showing an integration with a Google Home device.

Using Google Home the user can start a conversation with our bot and control the content displayed on a Signagelive managed smart display or player, in this demo we’ve used a Google Chromebox, however, this would work equally well with any of our supported media players.

Applications are many and varied from a business assistant (as per this demo) through to a retail assistant where products and availability can be shown just by asking for what you are looking for.

Let us know what you think or if you would like to start building your own interfaces to Signagelive then please get in touch via the website or sign up for our developer program at

Also, if you are heading to Las Vegas for DSE, make sure you stop our booth 336 to meet the team.

Thanks for your time,

Marc Benson
CTO @ Signagelive

Signagelive to launch new Content Marketplace and suite of developer APIs at ISE 2017

New Content Marketplace, combined with intuitive software development tools allows Signagelive’s channel partner ecosystem to expand its marketing reach

Signagelive Marketplace
Signagelive, global providers of a cloud-based digital signage network platform, will be making a number of platform and product announcements at Integrated Systems Europe ISE 2017, including the launch of a new Content Marketplace, comprising 500 plus pre-built digital signage pieces of content (ranging from layout backgrounds, pre-built applications to Widgets).

Signagelive will also be revealing a suite of developer APIs for network and content management, bespoke player development and real time content triggering (full details will be announced over the forthcoming weeks), as well as a new User Interface (UI) accessible via tablets and comprising a wealth of new features.

The event is taking place at the RAI, Amsterdam from 7-10 February and Signagelive can be found on stand no K232 in Hall 8 as well as on partner stands as follows:

  • Samsung – 4-S100 – where we will be demonstrating interactive sensor and triggered applications integrated directly with Samsung’s Tizen Smart Signage Displays.
  • LG – 12-K70 – we will be demonstrating support for the latest webOS 3.0 range of displays.
  • IAdea – 8-K320 – Signagelive powers 1,000s of IAdea devices globally including the latest XMP-7300 4K devices with frame-accurate synchronization to deliver solutions in any display size or configuration.
  • StreamTV Networks – 14-C155s – in 2016, Signagelive developed support for StreamTV Networks Ultra-D glasses-free 3D displays. ISE is the first opportunity to see the solution at a trade show in Europe.

Signagelive’s new suite of developer APIs and associated software development tools will allow customers and partners alike to incorporate greater functionality into their digital signage networks, while facilitating the development of new, purpose-built applications to meet the needs of specific real world scenarios – quick serve restaurants (QSR), corporate communications or retail, for example.

Signagelive’s support for the latest near field communications (NFC), beacons and mobile technologies enables real-time triggering of pre-cached content on a range of conventional and Smart Signage displays. This in turn facilitates the development of exciting, interactive applications, including “lift and learn”, assisted point of sale, emergency messaging or dynamically changing content based on location based services (LBS).

Using Signagelive’s Widget Development Framework, both technology partners and system developers can compile web-driven application compatible for a range of displays, regardless of vendor, and eliminate latency issues commonly associated with HTML5 applications delivered over the Internet.

“Forging alliances with a wider developer community through a flexible development framework approach demonstrates Signagelive’s continued desire to take an already growing digital signage industry further into the future.” Comments Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “Our “solution first” approach has always been at the forefront of how we enable our channel partners achieve their project goals. our latest platform additions reinforce this ethos and ensures they remain an integral to their success.”

Established in 1997, Signagelive, is one of the very few digital signage software providers that is 100% channel focused. Signagelive is also renowned for its hardware-agnostic approach, which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers across all markets, including retail, corporate communication, education, stadia, healthcare and automotive.

Signagelive supports a wide range of media playback solutions including Samsung SSSP, LG webOS, IAdea, Chrome and PCs. Signagelive has also recently migrated its proven SoC media player software to Samsung’s fourth-generation Smart Signage Platform (SSSP V4.0) powered by Tizen OS.

For further information visit

Digital Signage Content Management Software (CMS) then and now? What on earth are the options? FIVE pointers to get you started…


There needs to be a clear distinction between content management software these days. We’ll tell you why…

Well we’re in the technology space and if something hasn’t / doesn’t evolve over the years then it will get left behind. The same applies to Content Management Software (CMS). Some of these CMS companies have evolved into CMP – Content Management Platforms – we’ll cover this in a bit more detail below, but it’s most definitely worth knowing the distinction.

SL_evolutionIf you’ve ever been involved, read up on digital signage solutions then you will have had to do the research on what CMS. And, there’s plenty of options out there, in fact, every month there is probably a new company that’s launched. Also every year there’s a big acquisition/consolidation.

So what on earth do you look for as a user? Well here’s our take on it and it’s an exercise we’ve done ourselves and continue to do periodically as it’s important to select solutions which will always remain up to date if not cutting edge. After all, this is part of our service to our customers, and we owe it to them to do the research. If you want to do your own and spend countless hours if not days, months testing then here’s the Five pointers to look out for.

One: The old question of Cloud vs On-premise


Historically, on premise was ‘the’ way to do things, however, cloud technology has evolved considerably (yep, there’s that word again ‘evolved’) and continues to do so. In fact, many organisations use cloud without even realising it, Salesforce, Dropbox to name but a few. Our tip: Ensure cloud really is the cloud, so ask who the service is underpinned by. Stay away from FTP servers, AWS, Azure etc are the companies who spend their lives facilitating this kind of service for global businesses out there of all shapes and sizes. They have their own disaster recovery, and security procedures so you don’t have to worry about it. Our second tip: cloud means you don’t have servers being installed anywhere or have to hire an engineer to look after the infrastructure, so there’s one less headache to worry about.

Two: Will you still be around when I need you?

supportIt may sound like a silly question or one that perhaps many take for granted. But ask yourself one question – Who do I go to if there’s something wrong? For us, it’s a massive relief to know that Signagelive has FREE support in the form of Live Chat, emails and phone calls.  All of your technical support issues, software or hardware are sure to be taken care of. This leads on to the next point of…

Three: How flexible/scalable is the system?

flexible_scalablev2Content management software/platforms should be there to provide the glue to binding the whole solution together. Firstly, they need to get the right content to the right screen at the right time. Thereafter, they need to provide you with the management of your devices, i.e. what are my devices doing at any given time? Can I turn them on and off at scheduled times? Does it warn me if something goes wrong? What if you have a whole host of different hardware, a mix between PC, System on Chip devices, and god knows what else? What software/platform caters for all of them? For us, it is vitally important that we provide our customers with a ‘choice’ to be able to use the relevant hardware for their digital signage project. Whether that is making the most of existing infrastructure – i.e. I have some screens already being updated with USB, can’t I repurpose them and then add to the new installations with different technology? The simple answer should be and if you’ve chosen the right software/platform will be yes. You’ll have heard of this being referred to as a hardware-agnostic approach. More and more companies are adopting this approach so it won’t be easy to spot the right ones. Depending on the solution required to be delivered with the right systems’ integrator to highlight the path you will soon know.


Four: Have they got my best intentions at heart?

hidden_costsIt’s no secret (or maybe it is) that hardware companies want to sell hardware, even if they have some free software they throw in to sweeten the deal. Although in many cases this may indeed sweeten the initial deal, the question to ask is, how often is that software/platform maintained? Who supports it (if supported at all)? How often does it get updated? Do I get new features periodically without paying for them? We could carry on with more questions here. Ultimately, the important factor will always remain, digital signage is easy to deploy if you have partnered with the right systems integrator, who not only understands the hardware but also the software/platform and is there for you not for a quick win but in 6 months, or even 6 years down the line. Continuous improvement of a platform is a must because, guess what, we’re in a technology environment and yes things evolve (gosh there’s that word again).

Five: What does evolving actually mean to me?

SL_evolutionWe’ve spoken a lot about the technology industry and evolution of tools etc. CMS / CMP is no different. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, Content Management Software companies have evolved into Content Management Platforms. How can you tell the difference and really what does it even mean to you?

Well for starters they’ll be offering more than just a licenced subscription. Some of the better ones will offer content services in the form of their Marketplace. A place where you can go to for FREE content if you don’t have the in-house capabilities to do so yourself. Secondly, they will be leading the way with new features – we don’t just mean drag and drop user interface, but incorporating things like actual solutions – an example of which would be Emergency Messaging for Educational establishments, or perhaps proof of play for retailers so that they can actually gauge the impact a particular advert may have had (when coupled with other data) or even from a compliance perspective i.e. “yes Mr. Client your advert did play on 24th December and here’s the data to prove it”. All of the features will have a specific benefit to whoever is using the platform. For example, cloud is a technical feature, the benefit to our customers is that if done right (review our first point above on this) you are saving on deployment costs as well as peace of mind of not having to have a physical server on a location being maintained.


Undoubtedly the above gives plenty of food for thought, and there’s more that could be added to ensure you pick the right solution not just for here and now but also a solution which will scale with your requirements over time.




Support over the Christmas and New Year holidays 2016


With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching us, here at Signagelive we’ll be ready to support you should you need to contact us throughout the upcoming holiday period.

Our Support Team will be available to support you on the following dates and times:

Friday 23rd December – Normal Support Hours
Saturday 24th December – Closed
Sunday 25th December – Closed
Monday 26th December – Closed
Tuesday 27th December – Closed
Wednesday 28th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Thursday 29th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Friday 30th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Saturday 31st January – Closed
Sunday 1st January – Closed
Monday 2nd January – Closed

Normal service resumes on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

We’ll be available via live chat, email or telephone should you need us throughout any of the dates above.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Signagelive!

Signagelive origins, SoC Displays and 60% YoY growth; my 30-minute Sixteen:Nine podcast

cremins-twitterLast Thursday I had the opportunity to be ‘Guest 5’ in the new Sixteen:Nine podcast series. During the 30 minute session, Dave Haynes and I covered a range of topics including;

  • The origins of Signagelive (going back 20 years)
  • Our pivot-point from generalist reseller to digital signage CMS provider
  • SoC strategy and how this has fuelled our explosive growth
  • The evolution of our CMS from software to platform, driven by our API-first development strategy and eco-system partnerships

The podcast is now live on Sixteen:Nine where you can listen to the interview or you can listen to the podcast using the embedded player right here:

For those of you that decide to grab a tea or coffee and listen to the podcast, thank you for your valuable time and I hope you gained an insight into Signagelive, where we have come from and where we are heading.

Many thanks


Signagelive adds External Storage support for Samsung SSSP


On Monday, April 11th 2016, Signagelive released an update to our Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP) application, support for the use of external storage – either an SD card or USB Mass Storage Device.

For customers that have expressed reservation on the storage limitations on board the SSP products, it is now possible to expand the storage available on the SSP D and E Series displays.  Effectively, there is no restriction based on the size of the Playlists and Media Assets which can be published to these players.

Existing Signagelive customer using Samsung SSP D or E series displays do not need to take any action to receive this update.  The current Signagelive URL entered into the display will support this added functionality.  Unfortunately customers utilizing the C series screens will be unable to receive this update as this version does not support it.  

Customers seeking to use external storage will need to conduct a manual change to the configuration of the Signagelive application on the physical display in addition to the automatic application upgrade. This is done from the configuration menu, which is accessed by pressing the red button on the remote control when Signagelive is running.

The configuration window that is accessed during the initial setup process will now have a new check box allowing for the use of external storage.  By checking this box, Signagelive will start to use the external storage attached to the display instead of the internal storage for media files.

In addition to added storage capabilities, some customers have asked for the ability to prevent the panel from downloading and installing new firmware updates.  This can also be accessed hitting the red button on your remote and accessing the Signagelive configuration menu on the Samsung display.  

All existing displays will automatically receive the latest Signagelive update within the next 24 hours without any need for manual interaction.

For more information please refer to the online Release Notes.

Support over the Christmas and New Year holidays 2015


With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching us, here at Signagelive we’ll be ready to support you should you need to contact us throughout the upcoming holiday period.

Our Support Team will be available to support you on the following dates and times:

Wednesday 23rd December – Normal Support Hours
Thursday 24th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Friday 25th December – Closed
Saturday 26th December – Closed
Sunday 27th December – Closed
Monday 28th December – Closed
Tuesday 29th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Wednesday 30th December – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Thursday 31st January – 12:00pm to 20:00pm
Friday 1st January – Closed

Normal service resumes on Monday 4th January 2016.

We’ll be available via live chat, email or telephone should you need us throughout any of the dates above.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Signagelive!

Top 3 Digital Signage market trends and why Creative Media Agencies should care

Digital Signage Trends

Market Overview

The global dynamic digital signage market is growing up to 40% year on year. Numerous research reports into the industry have projected worldwide sales to reach over $20 billion by 2020. That is not taking into consideration spend on creative media content.

Some stats to set the scene…..

AV chart 1av chart 2

Source: AV Magazine

Where Creative Media Agencies fit in the grand scheme of things….

digital signage venn diagram

Source: Invidis Consulting

Why should you (Creative Media Agencies) care?

    1. One – the numbers: Considering how long the industry has been ‘established’, these numbers are impressive. What makes the data even more compelling is that it only reflects sales of dynamic digital signage systems, including the hardware and software components required. Over time, content creation is the most lucrative aspect of the sale and is not even factored into these figures.
    2. Two – Omnichannel: Digital content has already proven a better ROI for content so why stop at just websites? With end customers more consistently requesting an omnichannel approach the ability to have a seamless transition of the customer journey from mobile / tablet (web) to in store is already there. Creative media agencies adopting this approach will prove their added value to customers.
    3. Three – Content is King: An old saying yes, but not often considered when discussing digital signage because screen / media player (hardware) or software technology was and in some cases will continue to be the first topic to be tackled. However, with constant new technological developments digital signage is now much more than just a screen on the wall. The boxes in these areas are being ticked with the emergence (now over 18 months old) System on Chip (SoC) technology from Samsung and LG coming to market (no media player required therefore no additional cost) all the way through to Google Chromeboxes for digital signage (including Chromebit – Google on a stick not to be confused with Chromecast) the customers can once again turn their thoughts to ‘how can my content attract and keep the attention of my passers by, whether they are employees of an organisation, or potential purchasers of a product.


Don’t take our word for it – just two of our creative media agency driven projects can be seen here.

Eurostar – Digital signage – concept The One off – Delivered by Solutions AV

Superdrug – Digital signage – the store of the future – APS Group – Delivered by Solutions AV

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