New FDA rules focus those in the food service to consider digital signage


Customer’s have been asking for a clear description of the nutrition of the food for many years, but governments across the world are now mandating this information to be displayed. These new laws are likely to focus the minds of those in food service to consider digital menu boards.

The FDA Menu Labelling Requirements have issued a requirement deadline of 7 May 2018 for calorific values to be displayed on in-store menu boards. For the establishments that already have digital menu boards this is much easier to do. Many of our Signagelive US clients with QSR menu boards have already converted to displaying calorific values and some others are just wrapping up their conversions to ensure compliance.

Here are a couple of examples of before and after adding calorie details and also how a detailed menu board would look.FDA_menu_compliance2boards



Restaurants need to deploy increasingly complex details as well as limited time offers on their menus, the cost and time associated with printing new materials gets in the way of innovation. Therefore a digital solution that will instantly make the necessary changes across every screen displaying products (even online and on your mobile application) has huge advantages. To find out more click here.

Restaurateurs are also looking for ways to engage with customers to increase loyalty and inspire repeat visits. QSR digital signage has an immediate and lasting impact with consumers, connecting the digital experience in the restaurant to their mobile device.

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