Healthpoint uses Signagelive to provide key tools for pharmacists


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Healthpoint Technologies, a provider of interactive digital signage tools and healthcare information for pharmacies, is growing its network thanks to the flexibility that Signagelive provides for content distribution.

Healthpoint has been established in the UK for over 10 years and today its screens can be found in pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. More than 1300 systems have been installed in over 850 locations at Independent Pharmacies, Multiples, Health Boards and a number of National Pharmacy Association (NPA) board members have also taken the system.

John White from Healthpoint explains that one of the objectives of this system is to allow pharmacies to display advertising and useful medical information in a sleek and persuasive way. “Signagelive is ideal for this job because of its great adaptability and multiple features. The Signagelive platform and players are extremely stable and reliable. We use Signagelive to manipulate our digital TV content and we are also using Signagelive Screensaver software to display information when Healthpoint Touchscreen kiosk is not in use.”

Signagelive ScreenSaver Edition in action.

The Signagelive Screensaver software works just like a standard Windows Screensaver; enabling an un-used/inactive PC to show the digital signage content of choice. If the computer is made active and comes out of its sleep state, just like a normal screensaver, it would disappear and the software would minimize and show what was previously running.

White adds, “Pharmacies can take advantage of the adverts on Healthpoint network to let their clients know what’s on offer therefore providing a better service and boosting sales. They can also upload their own messages and promotions using a simple play list. “

Healthpoint offers different products depending on the pharmacy’s size, layout and needs. From stand-alone kiosk systems, to Healthpoint TV and Healthpoint interactive screens. The monitor sizes in the pharmacies vary from 22in to 42in.

Located close to the pharmacy’s point of sale Healthpoint TV is a silent, professional and informative media. Healthpoint TV can display graphics and video. It provides educational and product videos along side 2D and 3D animations.

If what is needed is to provide information at any time, Healthpoint also has the Visual Impact System. This is a through window interactive display where people can access information using touch screen interactivity from the street.

“On Healthpoint we have 3000 topics, all fully approved by the NPA,” says White “The displays can have RSS feeds, QR codes, twitter and facebook. Live TV can also be included. The content is of very high quality and since it uses broadband connection, it can be instantly updated both for single units and throughout multiple installations.”

A feature that is proving popular within pharmacies, is Signagelive Local Playlist. Local Playlists gives users the ability to incorporate a playlist in to an existing playlist timeline. Any pharmacy can add its own promotions and advertising onto the ads playlist. As Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage solution, accessing content to tailor the Healthpoint display is easy and straight forwards. Pharmacies can see the templates and content online to add their own messages.

Ultima Business Solutions, an IT infrastructure solutions provider, is in charge of installing the screens and setting them up to work seamlessly with Signagelive.

Jon Cooke from Ultima says, “We’ve been working with Healthpoint technologies for over 10 years and its network is steadily growing. We install an average of five screens a month and the customers are always very impressed with the system.

The Signagelive Cloud-based platform and its Display and Screensaver capabilities are a great vehicle for information and advertising. The solutions is very simple to implement, you just have to make sure the screen is plugged onto the internet.”

Cambelle Pharmacy, in Catford, London has been using Healthpoint for three years. Pharmacist Kalvant Verdi comments, “At the beginning, we were not sure how useful this system could be for us, but we do find the information very good and reliable, and our clients love it. Not everybody has access to the internet or knows how to find their way around it to get the information they need. With Healthpoint, we have over 3000 topics clearly and easily explained. People can search for themselves or we can guide them through it. We have very clear information about ailments and conditions and people can choose to have a print out of it and take it with them. The topics are updated in a monthly basis.

“Most people that visit their GPs have explained what their affliction is, but they don’t always remember afterwards, so with these screens and wealth of knowledge we can help them. We also have cases of people coming to look for information to help a family member. Healthpoint provides a great service to the community and it allows me to do my job better,” concludes Verdi.