HighStreet Collective partner with NEC to install their ALP solution powered by Signagelive


HighStreet Collective is a retail experience agency, who has partnered with NEC to install their ALP solution with Signagelive on BrightSign players. 

Here is a great article and video by the Living Retail Lab, a Citizen Market in Atlanta, that has turned over their physical marketplace to HightStreet Collective.

The objective of the collaboration is to measure the effectiveness of digital signage against traditional retail marketing with the first use case being menu boards. This article and the results show the difference in input from traditional peg-board menus, to static text, then text with images and finally text with subtle videos.

The findings provide excellent verification that digital menu boards with the right content make a significant positive difference to revenue over static traditional menus.

The Living Retail Lab project has also been published by 16:9 see here for details. 

Retailers need to be ahead of the game as they are currently facing many challenges from online and discount retailers. Signagelive can show how digital signage has a major role to play to increase commercial results.

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