How can digital signage facilitate change management? [+VIDEO]

Are you a business grappling with changes? These could be big – a merger, or expansion, or simply the switch to, and roll-out of a single business management tool across the company. 

Whatever the change, you might well be finding that the implementation process is proving extremely disruptive to day-to-day business. 

In our latest Digital Signage Explored episode, we sit down with Co-founder and COO of Coffman Media, Jason Ault, to discuss the challenges of change management, and how digital signage can be used to ensure a smooth and successful transition process. 

With years of international and US digital signage experience as an integrator and solutions provider, Coffman Media has helped countless enterprises and organisations effectively deal with change management. 

Ault reveals that the secret to success is surprisingly simple. It hinges on one thing – “communication”, and this, he suggests, is where digital signage can help.

Serving as a central connective tissue, it can connect businesses as they evolve, and new premises are opened, helping to keep all employees informed about important updates.

In our Digital Signage Explored episode, we take a deeper dive into the challenges of change management and ask Ault to share his top tips on how digital signage can help. Here are just 3 of them.

Align all staff objectives and actions

 To roll out any change, all employees in the business have to be informed about it, and in sync about what the new processes will be. The benefit of a communications platform like digital signage is that it can clearly signpost new processes across the department floors of every business location, and even in deskless environments like factories. As Holt explains, for something new to work and take off, all staff must be “rowing in the same direction”.

Adapt and communicate key performance indicators (KPIs) for staff

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every department are likely to be impacted by any business change, so they must be adapted, and then well-communicated. With a medium like digital signage, it’s easy to schedule different sets of KPIs to appear on exactly the right department floor. This makes them visible, at a glance, and highlights the fact that they are now part of the company culture.

Celebrate team success

When teams embrace a business change, and succeed in fulfilling their new KPIs, celebrate this, and use their example to motivate other departments to similarly adapt and thrive. Digital signage is an easy platform to help do this, enabling you to quickly create employee shout-outs, and share these on every screen throughout the business. Requiring no coding experience to use, built-in HTML content tools, like Screenfeed Connect, help you to create celebratory posts, with imagery and employee information from any connected data source, like Google Docs or Sheets.

Tune into this week’s Digital Signage Explored to find out more about how digital signage can help resolve your change management challenges here.