How to make the most of your data with digital signage [+VIDEO]

Is your business the place data goes to die?! Many organisations are inadvertently burying their data, rendering invaluable business and industry insights totally inaccessible and fit for use in the real world. If you are a solutions architect, data scientist or CEO, worried that this might be the case for your business, don’t panic. With the right tools, like digital signage, you can bring your data back to life.

Most companies are now using a plethora of data platforms, and are sitting, consciously or not, on a goldmine of data that no staff can access and make use of. To surface the data and securely share it, you just need to understand what platforms are in use, and if they are compatible with any other software, and/or offer a programmable interface.

This will determine if you can extract the relevant information from your systems and use it to build accessible and relatable business updates for all your teams. As digital signage and data expert, Justin Lachovsky, Sales and Marketing Director of Telecine Multimedia says, “Data for data’s sake is just numbers… What is important, is the story you’re trying to tell… with data.”


CMS data integrations

So, for instance, if you’re using a popular business intelligence tool, like Microsoft PowerBI, SharePoint, Tableau, or, it’s more than likely to be compatible with the data integrations offered by cloud digital signage content management systems (CMS). With these, you can securely share the latest data reports in real-time across some or all the screens across your business. You can also schedule them to appear as part of larger stories that illustrate the significance of the data. This could be with the help of headlines, pictures, videos, or slides.

You also don’t need to worry about any data security breaches. Enterprise-qualified CMS companies are now able to securely handle large volumes of sensitive business data, having achieved accredited certification to international standards, such as IS027001 to prove they can do so.

Amplify the reach of your intranet

Alternatively, companies like Telecine Multimedia can help extract qualifying information from either your business intelligence tools, or from intranet systems, and then build it into customised and branded templates, ready to be scheduled with a CMS. With this kind of support, the impact of company intranet systems can be amplified, and information delivered as a kind of TV broadcast across every business screen. You can choose what information to automatically extract from your business systems, and then have the corresponding template built for them, whether this be for employee anniversaries, business budgets, traffic updates or company cafeteria menus.

With both CMS systems and corporate communication template packages, you can essentially create a 24/7 flow of content that automatically updates, requiring very little input from your own teams. It’s a streamlined and cost-effective way to create an on-going source of valuable and engaging content that also ensures you make the most of existing data and systems.

Gamify the workplace experience

Don’t forget that your data can do so much more than simply empower staff to make more informed and productive business decisions. With the help of digital signage, it can be used to build a more inclusive sense of community, and even gamify the workplace experience to boost business results. Creating on-screen leaderboards of top-performing personnel, for example, can inspire a little friendly competition, and motivate staff to work harder.

Bring the workplace back to life

Moreover, the broadcast of data via digital signage can help revitalise the workplace environment. In the wake of the pandemic, it can incentivise teams to come back into the office and work together. According to Lachovsky , businesses are successfully tempting staff back to the workplace by, for example, running contests via their digital signage. One company reportedly achieved a whopping 70% engagement rate for such a competition, using scannable on-screen QR codes as a condition of entry, and, as a way to measure engagement.

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