How do I measure the ROI of my digital signage?

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Simple answer: Depending on what you’re looking to achieve with your digital signage, you may be looking at your returns differently. The most important thing is finding a metric that suits your digital signage goals and being able to view this in a way that is measurable, traceable and tangible. 

Full answer:

In a world where metrics, dashboards and KPIs rule, knowing how to measure ROI (Return on Investment) of your digital signage can at first seem a little confusing. 

“How can I measure the value of my digital signage?”

If you’re using your digital signage to promote product availability, your measurements can be relatively simple. As you add a new item to your digital signage rotation, you can review the number of products purchased. If the numbers go up, you know your digital signage had something to do with it. 


The above example is the most straightforward answer, however there’s a lot more to understanding the return on investment that digital signage can bring. Below are some of these less measurable (but no less important) returns. 

Staff time: Being able to utilise your digital signage for wayfinding or viewer guidance can reduce your staff’s time dealing with these questions. This gives staff added resources for other responsibilities. Being able to direct your customers around a store or your corporate office can help make a more inviting experience.

Training: An often underutilised feature that digital signage can offer is training. While most digital signage platforms allow you to schedule content, some also allow you to integrate a remote control to trigger and display content as and when you require it. This can be done simply through a remote control (on a system on chip screen). Training videos and material can be activated as and when required during out-of-store hours or within a boardroom/classroom.


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