How and Secure Dashboards can improve the success of your project management


Is the success of your project and campaign management constantly undermined by poor workflows and a lack of cross-department collaboration? 

If the answer is “yes”, then a platform, like is likely to be a game-changer for your business, enabling you to build, run and scale productive cross-team workflows on a single workplace operating system (OS).

Integrated with Signagelive Secure Dashboards, it will become an even more powerful business tool, allowing you to boost your teams’ potential for collaboration and engagement by securely broadcasting live dashboards on all your workplace digital signage.

“71% of business executives say employee engagement is one of the top factors in project success.”

So, what is exactly? is a centralised work operating system that enables teams to run projects and workflows with confidence. 

A repository hub for cross-departmental assets and communications, it enables you to integrate all your favourite work tools in just a few clicks, including Outlook, OneShare, Excel, and Google Sheets, as well as Trello, Jiro, and Salesforce to name but a few.

The platform also helps you to simplify workflows, with everything from automations for one-off or recurring tasks, and hundreds of customisable templates.

Create boards to manage and keep track of your projects, with columns to measure target dates against the time key steps actually take to complete.

 At a glance, you can check the status of your projects or campaigns in your timeline views and dashboards.  Giving you more freedom to work the way you want, the platform lets you view your data insights as maps, calendars, kanban, and more.

For enterprise level businesses, there’s further support. Ideal for working at scale, enables you to aggregate data from over 50 projects on a single dashboard. Any data that is shared, updated, and monitored is protected, thanks to the platform’s administration level data control, which clearly defines access.

“90% of projects require team participation as opposed to individual responsibility.”

Why is the integration of with Signagelive Secure Dashboards important?

The integration of with Signagelive Secure Dashboards raises the bar, boosting your teams’ potential to collaborate, and streamline work processes, as well as achieve better business outcomes.

Securely display data on your digital signage

By securely broadcasting your password protected data dashboards and timelines on your workplace digital signage TVs, you maximise team engagement, immersing employees in the insights they need to hit targets and meet deadlines.

Even if they are manning the phones, or using their own PCs for day-to-day work, with displayed on big screens throughout every department floor, they can still see, at a glance, the latest project updates and outstanding items.

This kind of “big screen” distraction-free viewing ensures that no-one in the business can lose sight of important forthcoming milestones, or forget their shared responsibilities, simply because they are too busy navigating emails, and other work applications.

With Signagelive Secure Dashboards, sharing your data, and scaling it out to even the vastest digital signage network is quick, seamless, and easy. Best of all, it’s also secure. 

To publish your data on-screen, you won’t have to expose login credentials, or publicly reveal any data through a URL. 

Secure Dashboards only ever access your login details through a protected Secure Manager environment. Your data is also stored securely in the cloud, and it’s from here that the system takes snapshots of the relevant metrics, before sending them to your players through Signagelive.

The Data Sync Services application offers an extra layer of security, ensuring that any players receiving the data are actually authorised to do so. 

Share data faster at enterprise-level

All this security won’t, however, slow your business down. In fact, with Secure Dashboards, you can roll out your timelines and dashboards to an infinite number of screens and at unprecedented speed. 

Thanks to the Data Services Application feature, you can access multiple dashboards using a single Smart login. This also means that if your login details are updated, you won’t have to reset them for every individual dashboard.

On-screen, you can track the progress your teams make, and the budget they spend in real-time. Secure Dashboards allow you to choose how frequently you want your data to refresh, enabling the information to be updated at intervals of 5 through to 60 minutes. 

For projects in which you expect progress to be slower-paced, you can opt to refresh data at specific times of the day instead.

Motivation and gamification

The perfect match, together with Secure Dashboards pulls organisations together, enabling even the most autonomous business units and departments to collaborate and work towards collective objectives.

Tracking the company’s progress on screen keeps teams motivated and engaged, allowing them to share in any company “wins” and “successes”, and to feel more involved.

Businesses can build on this engagement by gamifying the workplace experience. Sharing multiple boards on-screen can help to inspire a little friendly competition between different departments, highlighting which teams are making the most progress. 

Using the many data view options provided by, it’s easy to shine a light on high-performing teams. 

And with a multi-zone digital signage template, businesses can also display, alongside this, any stand-out work from team members, as well as dedicated “employee of the week” appreciation posts.

Sales teams

With the display of sales data on digital signage, sales teams can see, at a glance, the health of the entire sales process, from prospecting and marketing to sales pipelines and customer projects. 

Keeping everyone on track, this dedicated screen presence inspires more analysis and reflection, enabling sales team members to adopt a more data-driven approach to their roles. With a quick look at the screens around them, they can, for example, forecast, if they have enough front-end business to meet monthly revenue targets.

By integrating third-party tools, such as Salesforce, sales teams can also track leads on-screen and in real-time, whenever they are on the sales floor.

Research and Development (R&D), and product design teams

Use digital signage TVs in your R&D facilities, and factory complex to keep your product designers on track, while they’re away from the office and their own screens. 

By broadcasting data visualisations to your digital signage, you can draw your team members’ attention to any new priority tasks.

“80% of employees spend half of their workweek on ‘rework’ caused by poor communication.”

You can also display boards from different teams to ensure that your R&D staff are aware of any updates from other departments, which might impact anticipated product launches and timings.

Marketing and content management teams

Publishing your marketing dashboards to digital signage TVs gives marketing communications teams the flexibility to monitor campaigns more closely, and optimise traction, if and where needed, in real time. 

While they keep an eye on the data visualisations, team members can use their own screens to make improvements to the promotional content, based on any performance insights they see.

As well as giving teams the high-level overviews they need, marketing data dashboards can be used to manage and optimise the distribution of marketing support across a company. With quick-look visibility in each marketing team, managers can assess workloads and allocate resources for new marketing requests accordingly.

Logistics teams

With big screen digital signage, you can make it even easier for employees on the floors of busy offices and warehouses to track and manage inventory, from point of collection to final delivery, through 

“Companies that develop project management practices save 28 times more money than those that don’t”

The display of automated alerts indicating low stock levels, or delays with product shipments gives teams advance notice of any potential issues, without them having to stop what they’re doing to check emails or log into themselves.

When you use with Secure Dashboards as part of an overall project management solution, you maximise its potential, boosting the reach and impact of your data dashboards. With the widespread accessibility of data on screens across the floors of all your departments, factory complexes, and warehouses, your projects are, simply put, more likely to have the visibility, transparency and engagement required to make them a success.

If you would like to find out more about how Signagelive Secure Dashboards could help with your project management plans, please reach out to us here.