Lloyds Pharmacy – The Alternative


The recent trial installation by Amscreen (Alan Sugar’s new venture) at Lloyds Pharmacy, shown above, was covered by various Digital Signage and DOOH Blogs including the DailyDOOH.

The one comment that was consistent across the various blogs and user posts was:

“Why a small 15″ 4:3 screen when the media world has adopted portrait poster style screens?”

Having delivered Digital Poster solutions for over 5 years for customers including Thomson, Harrods and Sky, we thought it would be interesting to see what a 32″ Digital Poster would look like in ace of the 15″ unit installed for the trial.

The following image is an illustration to scale showing what the same pharmacy would look like installed with a Samsung 320MXN LCD/PC, a Vogel’s TVSkin Lite and 3G Modem running Signagelive.

We’ll let you decide which you think looks better and would deliver the best impact for Lloyds Pharmacy and their advertisers.


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