Mobile Broadband for Business and Digital Signage

Signagelive is fully compatable with any mobile data provider enabling tremendous flexibility for deploying Mobile Broadband Digital Signage applications. The following article by Broadband Genie  provides an insight into the options currently available.

Mobile data use is big business, and it is on the increase. Better designed hardware both handsets and dongles allow a much easier access to the mobile broadband networks. Together, the rise of social networking and mobile price ans dedicated for business users, a huge take up of mobile broadband technology is underway.

Facebook and MySpace are seeing unprecedented growth, generating more than 166million monthly mobile page impressions. Mobile and local search has increased dramatically, and there has been an upsurge in tracks downloaded from the internet.

For businesses, the technology involved in mobile internet allows you to take your office with you. It also means those few extra hours you could have used profitably are now yours. Mobile technology allows you to do that extra bit of work too or from your ace of work. It allows you to prepare for your meeting to include last minute data, or write a rapid response to a query that just might mean the difference between success and failure. As long as you are in area that allows you top receive a good connection, then you can be up and running in no time. The fact that you do not need a land line connection allows for greater freedom. Students are finding that not having a fixed residence is no longer a problem.

There are a number of options available for payment, one of which is pplay as you go. No need for lengthy contracts and you can top up with extra credits when, and if you need them allowing far greater control of your spending. This option is ideal for those peoe who find they use the internet less regularly, or only for specific purposes. Mobile intenet is still available to you even if you are not subscribed to a broadband service. In many areas you can connect your laptop to a WiFi hotspot. Through a shared connection you can connect to the intenet. These connections are ususally in a public space, often cafes or libraries and are often free to use. However, you may need to pplay for some connections by purchasing a password before you connect.

Blackberry has become a popular way of taking your PC with you. There are a range of applications which enable business on the move. Blackberry is an integrated package which includes phone, e-mail, organiser as well as allowing web access. It has GPS to allow access to local applications and even a media device. You can also expand the memory making it possible to store everything you will ever need. O2, 3 Mobile, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodaphone all provide mobile broadband services. Contracts can range from £10 per month up to £44 per month dpending on broadband speed, bandwidth and length of contract. Offers including free modem and set up are readily available. If you would like to know more go to 3 Mobile broadband

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