Share the digital signage features you would like to see in Signagelive?

At Signagelive we are constantly seeking out new ways to engage with our customers in new and innovative ways. We’ve always had a constant stream of communication through our live chat tools, but that typically is focused on solving immediate, short-term problems. Our goal is to get a better understanding of the needs of our user base on an ongoing basis to help inform and shape our software development.

Last week, we announced that we were putting our roadmap onto a public Trello board, breaking down the development tracks into product categories (Samsung SSP, LG webOS, IAdea, Google Chrome and, our core platform and user interface) and timelines (near, medium and long term). The response has been great and we’re continuing this push for openness today by announcing the official launch of our Ideas Portal.

Until now, users that had ideas on changes to the UI, platform features or additions to our roadmap had to log them through our Support Tickets. While we received these ideas internally, there were a few problems; because support owned this line of communication, it became quickly siloed as only the owner of the ticket could track its progress. However, as the ideas were not a problem that needed solving, rather an idea for improvement, it only appeared as part of a future release and were never “resolved” as support tickets normally are. That led to frustration for both our users and development team as good ideas remained hidden, segregated from the rest of our customers.

The Ideas Portal fixes the broken workflow by utilizing a tool called Aha, a cloud-based roadmap and development visualization tool. Aha allowed us to create an open forum where good ideas are shared, voted on and incorporated into our roadmap. Here’s a quick video explainer on how it will work:


When you click on the ideas portal link off of the main Support page (or navigate directly at you’ll have the option to add an idea immediately in the top left corner of the page. In order to do this however, you’ll first need to head to the bottom left of the page to sign up for a new account. After this you can add a new idea, look up ideas through searching or status/category filters, vote on existing ideas and check on the status of ideas.

Our Product Owner is constantly monitoring this portal for great ideas that speak to the needs of our user base. Ideas that are top-voted are reviewed on a regular basis and presented to the development team to determine whether they will make it to our roadmap. Should the ideas make it to the roadmap, contributors will be contacted to assist in the creation of a requirements definition and kept abreast of progress through the development cycle.

It is our hope that we can create and foster an open, ongoing and productive dialogue with our user base to create a continually evolving product.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Signagelive team.