Signagelive add a new Grow App to the Marketplace


We are launching a range of new Signagelive Apps to make managing and updating your digital signage content simple and easy. The latest one to be released is our Signagelive Grow App.

What is the Signagelive Grow App?

Our Grow App is available in the Signagelive Marketplace and enables you to easily incorporate Grow Dashboards into your digital signage. Grow is a tailored solution that enables live business data and KPI to be visualised in high impact graphs and dashboards. It is really easy to set up using a drag-and-drop interface to connect your data, build charts and dashboards, which can be displayed on your Signagelive powered digital displays quickly and effortlessly.


Where can it be used?

Our Grow App allows companies to select and publish content automatically to digital signage displays.  

Once you have added the Grow App to your network you can select it in the library, or move it to a playlist to be scheduled and published to Signagelive supported SoC Displays and Players. To find out all our supported players please visit our Help Centre.  


What does it look like?                                       

The Signagelive Grow App can be displayed permanently on screen or within a playlist containing other media either full-screen or in a zone within a Signagelive multi-zone layout.

How do I add it to my Signagelive Network?

Signagelive users can easily add the Grow App to their Signagelive Network with a single click in the Signagelive Marketplace. Once added to a Signagelive Network the Grow App can be added to a playlist and easily configured to display customised graphs to share with your team.

This article will help explain how easy the process is to add and use Apps, and this article will show you how to configure the Grow App.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.