Signagelive adds External Storage support for Samsung SSSP


On Monday, April 11th 2016, Signagelive released an update to our Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP) application, support for the use of external storage – either an SD card or USB Mass Storage Device.

For customers that have expressed reservation on the storage limitations on board the SSP products, it is now possible to expand the storage available on the SSP D and E Series displays.  Effectively, there is no restriction based on the size of the Playlists and Media Assets which can be published to these players.

Existing Signagelive customer using Samsung SSP D or E series displays do not need to take any action to receive this update.  The current Signagelive URL entered into the display will support this added functionality.  Unfortunately customers utilizing the C series screens will be unable to receive this update as this version does not support it.  

Customers seeking to use external storage will need to conduct a manual change to the configuration of the Signagelive application on the physical display in addition to the automatic application upgrade. This is done from the configuration menu, which is accessed by pressing the red button on the remote control when Signagelive is running.

The configuration window that is accessed during the initial setup process will now have a new check box allowing for the use of external storage.  By checking this box, Signagelive will start to use the external storage attached to the display instead of the internal storage for media files.

In addition to added storage capabilities, some customers have asked for the ability to prevent the panel from downloading and installing new firmware updates.  This can also be accessed hitting the red button on your remote and accessing the Signagelive configuration menu on the Samsung display.  

All existing displays will automatically receive the latest Signagelive update within the next 24 hours without any need for manual interaction.

For more information please refer to the online Release Notes.