Signagelive appoints its first Head of Customer Success, Sylvie Harden


“I’m here to get to know our customers, understand their industry, their goals and their needs…”

Sylvie Harden, Signagelive Head of Customer Success 

A passionate life-long motorcycle enthusiast with a need for speed, Sylvie has enjoyed an illustrious career in the fast lane, emerging as a well-respected leader in client advocacy across multiple sectors, including the pharma and clinical research industries. With over 22 years of experience in major Corporate, ScaleUp and StartUp companies under her belt, this multi-lingual, consummate professional and self-confessed “petrolhead” is now gearing up for her next challenge, which is to become the first ever Head of Customer Success for Signagelive.


Tell us a little about your professional background and why you decided to join Signagelive 

My background is in IT, Pharmaceutical Life Sciences and Clinical Research Industries. The Digital Signage industry is new to me! I find it exciting, and I am eager to learn about new technologies. 

I have joined Signagelive because I see a real possibility to make an impact by using the experience I gained in building, growing and heading up global Customer Success, Business Development, Customer Services, Technical Support and Professional Services teams at Corporate, ScaleUp and StartUp companies. 

I believe that this experience will allow me to contribute to Signagelive’s continuous expedited growth.

Also, I like the passionate leadership team, the open culture, diversity, and direct communication. It is super exciting for me to become a member of the Signagelive family and to build the best Global Customer Success Management team!

Can you explain the role of a CSM?

A CSM (Customer Success Manager) is an experienced relationship builder and customer advocate. They’re focused on creating and maintaining long-term customer relationships and a productive experience. 

Customer Success responsibilities tie directly to business goals and revenue. CSMs help maximise revenue potential by proactively identifying new opportunities to grow the business with solutions that ultimately provide clients with the ideal customer journey. 

Whilst reducing customer churn remains the primary responsibility for customer success, increasing product adoption is an emerging responsibility, underscoring the value of customer success as a growth driver.

CSMs are here to make sure the customer understands the product and gets the maximum usage, ROI and value from it.

You’re used to dealing with pharma and clinical research clients. Is there any difference in how you will approach your role for digital signage customers?

No, because customers are customers, regardless of the industry. We tend to encounter the same problems in various industries. Whatever the sector, we always listen to the client – they want to be heard, they want to be understood, they want to be looked after. So, the role of the CSM is the same, in my opinion, regardless of the industry.

When should a Signagelive end user expect to meet you?

I would like CSMs to be introduced at the very beginning of the digital signage process. As soon as the account executive, in conjunction with the channel partner, closes a new deal, the CSM should be introduced to the client, so they can start forming that rapport – that long-lasting relationship, and trust.

How can a CSM add value to the end user experience?

So, the CSM is a customer advocate. CSMs focus on creating and maintaining a productive end user relationship. The CSM job is to maximise the potential of that relationship, and drive revenue, but also to give customers peace of mind that someone from Signagelive is always there for them. CSMs are the link between the customer and Signagelive. 

This is to say that if clients have an issue or a query, they know that the CSM is their first point of contact and is here to look after them. The CSM will liaise with the relevant internal departments, in order to get the query or issue addressed and dealt with in a timely manner, before going back to the customer with a resolution. 

The CSM role is to listen to customers and support them throughout their whole digital signage journey.

Customer Success Managers are here to get to know the customer, comprehend their goals and gain a deep understanding of what their plans are for year/s ahead. The CSM will identify gaps, opportunities and solutions, so that they can potentially upsell, and deliver additional value to our customers.

CSMs are not “Support on steroids”. Often, when teams within an organisation don’t fully understand the actual role of a CSM, they tend to pass all types of queries onto the CSM team. CSMs are here as liaisons, co-ordinators, so customers don’t have to go to different departments themselves. The CSM job is to make customers successful.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Well, I’m a “petrolhead” or “gearhead”, as they say. I love speed. I have licences for HGVs, Cars and motorcycles.  I’ve been into motorbikes my whole life. I started riding Motocross bikes when I was eleven, and still love them.

I love sports too, especially American football, baseball and soccer. I’m really into Babe Ruth. To me, he was the greatest baseball player ever. A “strange” or” fun” fact about me is that I own an original signed Babe Ruth edited collection watch! 

I also enjoy going to the gym, in particular using the rowing machine and the cross trainer. I love the outdoors, long walks along the beach as well as travelling as much as I possibly can. I’ve lived in various countries and speak several languages. I love visiting new places and learning about new cultures.

Frank Larsen, Chief Commercial Officer: ” We are excited to welcome Sylvie to Signagelive. Her extensive experience and strong personality are crucial to our global customer-focused expansion strategy. Sylvie and her team will work with customers, sales, and support teams to ensure the best possible customer experience”.