Signagelive strategy for 2009

Business StrategyAs with all progressive companies, we continually review our business and evolve our strategy inline with both customer and market demands;

Towards the end of 2007, Remote Media took the bold step to retract totally from working directly with end user customers in favour of working through 3 key channels:

Distribution (e.g. RGB our UK & Ireland Distributor and TDSG in the USA)
Strategic Partners (a small selection of companies operating in key vertical sectors who can incorporate Signagelive within their core business proposition)
– “Powered by Signagelive” (working in partnership with key hardware vendors such as Samsung, NEC, ASUS and DELL)

As we come to the end of 2008 the Board has looked back over the past 12 months with great satisfaction knowing that the decision we took was the right one both commercially and strategically. Now that we approach 2009 we have made the decision to evolve our strategy further.

From 1st January 2009 we have decided to retract totally from hardware sales. This will enable us to focus on our Signagelive software proposition and supporting services (bespoke development, training and project management). The decision will also help unlock increased opportunities by reducing costs where handling margins and associated shipping costs were added and enable us to give visibility of projects to hardware vendors such as Samsung who can then offer more aggressive project pricing. This will provide our customers the opportunity for increased margin or the ability to pass on these lower hardware costs to customers to help unlock price sensitive Digital Signage projects.

Remote Media will continue to appraise and evaluate new hardware so that we can recommend approved hardware vendors based on the specific requirements of a project and offer guidance where required. However, all hardware purchases can be made directly from the relevant hardware vendor or their appointed Distributors and Resellers. We will be publishing a list of accreditated hardware vendors and products in January on both the Signagelive website and blog.

Our development team is hard at work making the already successful Signagelive platform even better. If you can get to London in April, then please come and see us at Screen Media Expo 2009 (register here)  where you can get hands on with Signagelive, see real-life examples of our software in use and be the first to see a preview of the latest features on general release from Q2 2009.

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