Switched-on Media added to Signagelive recommended content partners

We are continually on the look-out for companies that offer complimentary products and services to Signagelive so that we can recommend them to our resellers. One request that comes up regularly is for content creation and as we have done previously, we are keen to recommend companies that offer great digital signage content creation services at affordable prices.

The latest company to be added to our recommended content creation partners are Switched-on Media.

switched-onSwitched-on Media is a leading UK digital signage content producer.

Switched-on Media creates simple but effective, custom digital signage content which is affordable for all digital signage users. Switched-on Media’s Content Update Packages keep digital signage screens fresh and relevant.

High-quality, intelligently-designed content is a critical element of successful digital signage. Switched-on Media’s in-house team of designers help digital signage users maximise the use of their digital signage.

Switched-on Media sells its custom content creation services through a network of partners in the UK, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia. Switched-on Media’s partners include the UK’s leading provider of video & audio communications as well as:

• Value-added-resellers
• Integrators
• Digital-out-of-home networks

Digital signage is a completely different medium from TV, print and the web, and therefore requires specially-made content. Switched-on Media specialises in digital signage content creation – Switched-on Media understand how to create content that plays to the specific strengths of digital signage.

Key services include:

• Custom digital signage content creation
• On-going content updates
• Custom digital signage advert creation

Contact Switched-on Media at:

Ivy House
7 Ivy Road
SK12 1PE
Phone: +44 (0)845 869 9972

Switched-on Media Exame Dynamic Content:

[flv:switchedon_example1.flv 480 270]

Local Advert example

[flv:switchedon_example2.flv 480 270]

Education example

[flv:switchedon_example3.flv 480 270]

Retail example

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