The Best Content Strategy: Make it Intelligent

Guest Post

This article is an instalment of our Intelligent Content series, where we take a deep dive into what makes a successful content strategy that engages and delights.

A valued partner of Signagelive, meldCX empowers businesses to create premier customer experiences through AI and intelligent-edge technologies. 

meldCX, Executive Vice President of SaaS, Thor Turrecha, is the author of The Best Content Strategy: Make it Intelligent, the first article instalment of his Intelligent Content series, which we feature here as a guest post.

In a world of consumers hungry for information, how quickly can you keep up with demand?

Intelligent Content is becoming increasingly fundamental to Marketing and Content Strategy. It helps you reach and engage a wider audience across multiple platforms much more efficiently.

In the digital space where content is king, a sound content strategy can support and advance your business objective. One of the key factors in driving traffic to your website or store, or forming a connection with your brand is by having valuable, relevant and consistent content. But how much content would you need to create to target existing and potential customers and engage them across all the different platforms and devices they use? This is where Intelligent Content comes into play.

Ann Rockley defines Intelligent Content as “content which is not limited to one purpose, technology or output.”

“It is content that is structurally rich and semantically aware and is therefore discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable. It’s content that helps you and your customers get the job done. It is content that works for you and it’s limited only by your imagination.”

Intelligent Content is a method to create, collect and arrange content or data in such a way that makes all or parts of it easier to reference and reuse. It allows you to take existing assets and use them to create fresh content as many and as often as required. It can be used to produce dynamic or data-driven content without always having to manually create new content for certain niches. It also ensures consistency across all content, eliminating discrepancies that may confuse and ultimately put off customers.

Think of content in the context of a business asset, Intelligent Content is therefore a strategic approach to creating and managing this asset. When Intelligent Content is central to your content strategy, the structure it provides enables you to streamline the processes in marketing – from content creation, to publishing, reusing, adapting, cascading, and customising, regardless of the medium. Be it online platforms such as websites and social media, or physical forms, such as digital signage and store banners.

In the case of digital signage, Intelligent Content helps to personalise customer and visitor experiences, without the need to create copious amounts of additional content from scratch. The integration of vision AI solution, meldCX with digital signage content management system (CMS), Signagelive enables you to adapt and enhance the effectiveness of your content, based on customer analytics. Here’s how it works.

With the help of web triggers, Signagelive is able to launch customised content for display, every time Viana AI-enabled cameras recognise customers and visitors, who match the pre-defined characteristics of target personas.

To improve the relevancy of your content for your customers, you just need to access your audience analytics and proof of play reports on the Signagelive platform. Based on what you find, you can then switch to the kind of content that works best for your target personas.

Intelligent Content is the next step to keeping up with the constantly evolving market and how to reach audiences on a more personal level. From providing core information to creating dynamic, customised content, your imagination is the limit to its applications.