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The second coming – brownfield digital signage

In property terms, brownfield development refers to locations where existing property is replaced by new properties.

In digital signage, we refer to brownfield projects as those that replace existing digital signage software with new software whilst utilising the in situ hardware and communications. Over the last 12 months we have seen a significant number of existing digital signage networks reviewing their current suppliers and moving to Signagelive.

With Signagelive being a small percentage of the overall cost of deploying a digital signage network, it is simple for owners of digital signage networks to switch to the next generation of digital signage software, eliminating the costs of customers running their own servers and all the associated ongoing maintenance and service costs.

As we move beyond the first generation on-premise digital signage network installations, more and more brownfield site opportunities to replace existing software with the Signagelive web-based software will emerge.

If you are running a digital signage network and looking to reduce your costs, increase functionality and improve your service and support then give Signagelive a try and feel free to get in touch so that we can discuss your exact requirements and how we can assist you to switch to Signagelive.

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