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Veterinary practices and pet clinics embrace digital signage technology thanks to purpose built solution, powered by Signagelive

Cloud-based technology from Signagelive allows 21DigitalSignage to develop bundled solution for veterinary surgeries and private healthcare establishments

21DigitalSignage, a supplier of bespoke digital signage solutions to veterinary establishments and pet clinics in the UK, has created a fully packaged offering using Signagelive’s cloud based technology, to provide pet owners with advice on animal care in a more visual and engaging way.

By replacing printed leaflets with informative digital content, reception staff are able to de-clutter waiting areas and do away with ongoing costs associated with paper-based literature. They are also able to use digital content for promotional purposes and encourage clients to consult their veterinarian for recommendations relating to pet care products, insurance or compliance issues.

21DigitalSignage has pre-configured all supplied displays and media players to support Signagelive’s cloud-based software to supply a turnkey solution that includes installation, ongoing support and the management of all content. This makes implementation a straightforward process that requires no technical knowledge.

Displayed content, which is a combination of promotional videos (provided by pet care product suppliers), and practice-specific information, is uploaded and stored on Signagelive’s cloud-based platform and 21DigitalSignage manages this information on behalf of its clients. Signagelive’s innovative Message Manager tool is used to create bespoke templates and nested playlists, which can be on a daily, weekly or monthly loop, depending on requirements.

Reception staff at the various practices are also given some basic admin training, so if an individual practice, for example, wants to display current waiting times or special promotions, they can do so quickly and on-demand using Message Manager.


Comments Jill Warner of Beeches Vet Centre in Melksham;

“Digital Signage has enabled our centre to build up a personal rapport with our clients. We don’t just use the system to display general information about the practice or third party suppliers, we also use it as a bulletin board to tell clients about new members of staff, who is getting married, having a baby etc – a service that our clients really like because it makes them feel comfortable and welcome.”

Signagelive’s cloud-based software supports multiple content formats including static images, streaming video, IPTV, web pages and RSS feeds. It also integrates with QR code technology and all common social media widgets.

Targeted information can be displayed on different screen types and/or sizes and scheduled to dynamically update, depending on factors such current initiatives of in-house offers. Promotional information can be overlaid onto background content to further reinforce messages.

Says Nick Trachillis, Finance Director of 21 DigitalSignage;

“We have worked with Signagelive since 2009 and from the outset their software has always been stable and reliable. We have worked with other digital signage companies but have always reverted back to using Signagelive because we know what we are getting in terms of the software itself and customer support. Signagelive is easy to use and the preview facility is particularly useful because we can review playlists without interrupting live content.”

21Digital Signage and Signagelive have worked collaboratively for over 6 years and their bundled solution has been installed over 380 veterinary surgeries in the UK and the US.