Webinar with Maverick AV Solutions – now and next in Digital Signage – featuring Aferdita Qesku and Florian Rotberg [+VIDEO]

Take a look at this great video featuring our Aferdita Qesku chatting to Florian Rotberg from Invidis, hosted by Joel and Joan from Maverick. They discuss the challenges and opportunities presented to the digital signage industry in these new unprecedented times for both present and future. 

Topics covered were: 

  • Ripple effects of COVID-19
  • How IOT will be the centrepiece of digital signage networks in the future
  • Emerging technologies post COVID-19

This video includes key honest opinions from the team and how Signagelive has reacted to this crisis, the role of a CMS and how the channel will need to adapt to meet new demands. 

Also Aferdita recently wrote an article on how the pandemic has re-shaped digital signage trends. 

If you would like to find out more about Signagelive and how digital signage could work for you – please contact Aferdita she will look forward to hearing from you.