Addenbrooke’s Hospital uses Signagelive to enhance their patients Digital Signage experience



Addenbrooke’s Hospital is an internationally renowned teaching hospital and research centre in Cambridge, England, with strong affiliations to the University of Cambridge.   


What was the biggest challenge you faced prior to choosing Signagelive?

The system we used before Signagelive was clunky and not very user friendly, it was often difficult and time-consuming to use and hard to create interesting and informative playlists.

How has the implementation of Signagelive helped to overcome this challenge?

Implementing Signagelive has overcome these challenges as the dashboard and playlists are easy to access and manage. The slides are easy to view and rearrange and the preview option is great for letting you review the playlist before putting up on the screens. 


In your opinion what is the best thing about Signagelive?

The best thing about Signagelive is that it is easy to use and the playlists are easy to change and review. The support provided by the Signagelive team also means any issues or queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What content do you believe is most impactful & how does Signagelive help to manage, schedule & publish this effectively to displays en masse?

The content which has been most impactful is the healthcare messages relating to seasonal health issues such as the Flu or heatstroke. Signagelive has allowed us to display interesting and easy to read information on our screens and keep patients informed whilst they are waiting for their appointments.

Addenbrookes work closely with The Healthcare Messaging Group, who create and manage all the content for the Trust. HMG will design the messages that need to go up by using approved branded templates and deploy the content for them using Signagelive. In outpatients, where most of the screens are, the staff in each clinic have access to manage and update waiting times messages, which are obviously a key function of the screens. 


In recent months being able to update the whole department with the latest Government guidelines about Covid-19 and how the Trust is responding to the challenges we face has meant that both patients and staff working on the clinics can easily access the information as it happens. 

Stacey Pearson, Failsafe Manager, Outpatients Service, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


The Healthcare Messaging Group are very proud to work with Cambridge University Hospital, having supplied, installed and now manage their patient information displays across the Trust on a daily basis.  A world renowned Trust like CUH should have a state of the art patient communication tool, and using the best in digital signage class technology from our partners at Signagelive and Samsung, they certainly have that. Working closely with the team at CUH ensures we keep the messaging up to date and on brand, in just a few clicks using Signagelive. 

Ian Gabbie, Director, The Healthcare Messaging Group


Addenbrooke’s has a personal connection to me as my eldest daughter is a Sister at the hospital. We are proud to support the Healthcare Messaging team to deliver a digital signage solution that keeps patients and staff informed and educated using Signagelive powered digital signage.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive  

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