Digital Signage Solutions and experiences for Retail using Signagelive [+VIDEO]

Signagelive is the content management system for creating, publishing and managing your digital signage experience, however, we know that you need more than just the delivery and scheduling of passive content to make a truly impactful and measurable experience in retail environments. This video will give you some insight into using digital signage in retail. 

From interactive kiosks, to triggered external lights and triggers, let’s explore what Signagelive has to offer you. 

Creating an interactive experience for your customers

Retail environments are the perfect place to allow your customers to interact with your digital signage. Many of our retail customers have incorporated solutions into their stores that include:

  • Wayfinding
  • Catalogue browsing
  • Order placing

Using Signagelive you can deliver custom applications and experiences (as HTML5 web apps or Windows EXE applications) to your players, allowing your applications to be interacted with by your customers. 

There are several hardware solutions with integrated touch screens that we have tested and recommended for using with our software. These include, but are not limited to hardware from:

  • BlueFin
  • Chrome
  • BrightSign
  • Accredited Windows devices
  • Mac
  • IAdea

With our Signagelive Interrupt feature, you can schedule and update an “attract loop” of media to make sure you’re promoting products and services while your touchscreen isn’t being interacted with!

In this video, our CTO Marc Benson demonstrates how we deliver interactive solutions for retailers.

Making sure your content is shown when and where you expect using our ‘Proof of Play’ application

Proof of play is crucial if you need to know exactly; where, when and how often your content is displaying. Something we are hearing from our retail customers more and more is that their suppliers and brands want to know, with absolute certainty, that a player has played the content that they paid for. 

That’s why we created our Proof of Play application. Using Proof of Play, you have the ability to trace and report on how long specific assets or groups of assets have been displaying on your players. What’s particularly unique about the way we approach Proof of play is that the data is collected on your players, locally, so your reports are an accurate representation of what you player has played back.

If you would like to find out more about our Proof of Play application this video is a great place to start.- 

How do I know who was watching my content? Adding Anonymous Video Analytics to Proof of Play is the answer.

We also work alongside Quividi and AdMobilize on the player, Quividi and AdMobilize allow you to report anonymous metrics of the customers. By doing this you can accurately review what age, gender, mood (and more) your customers are while interacting with your digital signage experience. 

Triggered content

Triggering is vital to making sure you’re delivering the most appropriate content at any given time. There are key benefits to scheduling content for different sales periods in the day, but what if you want to display content from external data? What if you want to trigger content based on Stock volume, expiry dates, current temperature and weather (and many more)?

Triggered content allows you to update your players immediately with the message that will be most impactful. Web triggers allow you to prepare content in advance and plan for them to display on players when external triggers are pushed. 

There are so many ways to trigger content. To learn more about triggers, have a look at Tim’s presentation here.

What if we took it a step further?

We’re often asked to create a solution that delivers a smart digital signage experience. Making sure your content is accurately being displayed to the right demographic can help increase sales. The age, gender and many other metrics could alter the content you wish to promote to your customers. 

By working with NEC ALP, we’ve created a truly smart digital experience. NEC ALP measures key audience metrics and triggers “Soft” content changes via Signagelive’s Web Triggers API. Metrics such as age and gender can be tracked to alter content on the screen in a subtle and non intrusive way. 

To learn more about the NEC ALP solution click here


RTE’s (Real Team Events) allows you to trigger external players based on the content currently being displayed in your Signagelive player. This allows you to create truly unforgettable retail experiences. Your digital signage can trigger lights to change, displays to move, whatever you’re looking to create!

RTE’s send serial or HTML5 triggers to your external devices. To find out more about RTE’s take a look here


To learn more about Retail digital signage solutions please contact the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing