All Saints opt for Signagelive DXn upgrade


All Saint Catholic High School Business & Enterprise College had previously installed 7 Samsung Dxn panels throughout the various areas of the school & college, but up until now have not been able to use the screens to the best of their ability.

They had been running the MagicNet software, but discovered that it was not providing them with what they wanted from a digital signage platform. Signagelive reseller Vdotcom worked with Bill Green, Print Manger @ All Saints to upgrade all of their Dxn panels with Signagelive.

As a result of the upgrade, All Saints now have a fully working system across all of their internal and external screens, showing a mixture of media including, custom RSS feeds, stored video and a newly installed IP streaming system.



The project incorporates:

7 x 40” Dxn panels with Signagelive upgrade
1 x existing PC with Signagelive software
1 x Sanyo outdoor display

General Operation:

The Signagelive platform allows the school to deploy content to specific screens across the network, which enables messages to be tailored to staff, parents and students.
A mixture of information and entertainment allows the pupils to have informative yet relaxing breaks between studying.

Bill Green – Publishing Manger says “Working with Vdotcom has been a great experience and hassle-free. They have put together the Signagelive/IPTV upgrade which enables us to maximise the potential of the screens and provides us with a scalable and future –poof digital signage platform.”

Stephen Milner – Corporate Business Manager VdotCom says “By working with RGB Communication and Signagelive we have provided All Saints School with the best possible solution. We will continue to offer our clients Signagelive as our chosen digital signage platform”

About Vdotcom

Vdotcom is a VAR (value-added reseller) whose key features are to devise, develop and provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet the needs of your business.

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