Signagelive Cloud Update – Monday 22nd May 2017 09:00 BST

As we continue to make the switch from Flash to HTML5 for the Signagelive UI, we have been listening to all of your great feedback on the Playlist Creator and Player Manager.

With this in mind we will be updating the Signagelive UI on Monday 22nd May at 9am BST. This update will take up to a maximum of 1 hour to complete, during which you may notice some periods of unavailability, although this won’t affect your Players connecting to the Signagelive Cloud or their playback.

Here are some highlights of what’s in the update.

Multi Asset Property Updating

Easily with a couple of clicks set the Duration, Conditions, Validity and Recurrence of multiple assets in a playlist at the same time.

Export a Playlist as a CSV report

Need to be able to review the setup of your playlists in a simple and easily shareable way? Now you can with our Playlist export function. Produce a report with a simple click that details the assets in a playlist and all of their properties, which is delivered to your inbox.

View the details for an Asset in a Playlist

Have you ever thought it would be useful, to just hover over an asset in a playlist and see the details of the asset, it’s name, duration, conditions and validity for example? Well now you can!

There are lots of other improvements bundled into this update, so make sure you are using the new HTML5 UI to take advantage of them and remember we want to hear your feedback.