Free COVID-19 content to help you keep your viewers informed


In these unprecedented times, the ability to communicate clear concise messages with your teams, customers and signage locations has never felt so important. To ensure we help you,  as your chosen signage provider, we have developed a range of COVID-19 Noticeboard Apps, to help our customers and partners, deliver this heightened need for communication. This is a free resource in our Marketplace to provide more information about COVID-19.

Here are a few examples of the information we have provided in these apps:

  • reinforcing the WHO recommended procedures of social distancing 
  • a step by step guide to washing your hands 
  • fact checking against some of the myths surrounding COVID-19

Once you have added the new COVID-19 Noticeboard App to your network from the Marketplace, you can easily select it in the library or move it to a playlist to be scheduled and published to Signagelive Media Players.

If you would like to find out more just take a look at this article which explains how easy the process is to use Apps and to add to your Signagelive network, or you can contact your Signagelive Account Manager.  

The COVID-19 Noticeboard App would also work very well with our new Broadcast player which we have recently launched and is free to use for new customers until 30th June 2021.