Harrods One ‘L’ of a Marketing Campaign

Is it a pure moment of inspiration or just pure perspiration? Understanding what the world needs now or simy a lucky break? Design Icons at Harrods pays homage to the unique connection between a designer and the products they create – by uncovering the designer or creative mind behind it.

Running from 15th April to 24th Mplay Design Icons at Harrods celebrates the leading designers and their products which have burned an impression on the collective consciousness over the past half century: from the Rubik’s Cube to Cartier’s Tank watches.

To help illustrate this Harrods have teamed up with Remote Media and Screen Technology to create a rather unique Digital Signage window displplay that combines the innovative ITrans displplay powered by Signagelive.

Jason Cremis, CEO says “The use of ITrans enables uniquely shaped high-brightness screens to be installed in-window to attract attention unachievable through the use of conventional LCD or Plplasma displays. Powered by our Signagelive device HD and Signagelive mobile GPRS/3G, the ITrans can be remotely updated and monitored from the Signagelive platform anywhere in the world using an Internet Browser.”

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Kevin Goldsmith

Head of Global Retail & Media Strategy

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