How to deliver a secure data-driven approach for your healthcare organisation


Adopting a data-driven approach for your healthcare organisation can improve patient outcomes and ultimately the bottom line, but with threats to cybersecurity at an all-time high, how can this be done securely and at scale? Cloud-based digital signage has emerged as a tried and tested frontrunner solution, giving healthcare organisations the support they need to roll out high-impact data strategies.

Highly secure data-sharing

Thanks to its additional security credentials, could-based digital signage is ideal for sharing sensitive analytics, offering automatic security updates, as well as additional protection for data and its back-ups, which are encrypted and stored offsite. 

ISO-27001-certified providers offer some of the most trusted secure solutions, having been verified to be able to protect large volumes of data.

Scalable, near real-time data strategies

The most cutting-edge cloud-based content management solutions (CMS) now come with data integrations. With these tools, you can securely share patient metrics, such as patient satisfaction scores and readmission rates on your big screens in near-real time from HIPPA-compliant business intelligence tools, like Microsoft PowerBI. This means that, at a glance, your teams can access the information they need to make faster and more informed decisions to help improve patient outcomes and minimise long-term operational costs.

You also have the option of delivering different dashboards and reports to different departments for more in-depth analysis. Displaying data related to specific patient populations, such as those with chronic conditions or those undergoing surgery can help the relevant departments develop targeted interventions to improve specific patient care.

Improved collaboration

Sharing information across all or some of your big screens is also likely to improve communications between various teams. No matter which wing or building they are located in, you can give them access and visibility to the same data, so they are able to collaborate more easily.

Efficient workflows

Cloud-based digital signage is equally helpful when it comes to displaying company data to help improve staff workflows and project management. Within healthcare offices, you can display on your company big screens, the latest milestones, timelines and tasks from project management tools, such as, to help keep your teams on track and on point. With this kind of distraction-free visibility, you can ensure that teams see, at all times, the progress made, even as they continue to work on their own devices. 

Presentation and delivery

With the most effective cloud-based solutions, you have more scope and flexibility to present information in the most engaging, easy-to-digest ways. This could be by selecting specific charts and incorporating them as part of a split screen layout, in which you include additional explanatory information and imagery. You could even create multimedia content sequences to clarify data updates and underline their significance. With integrated tools, such as Screenfeed Connect, it’s easy to incorporate your own stats and facts into content, without any coding experience.

 Secure content management

The most effective content management solutions also support inclusive content strategies, making it quick, safe and secure to invite staff to access and contribute to data. Features, such as Signagelive Granular User Permissions ensure that highly customised roles, with different levels of access, can be assigned, while content approval functions are also easy to implement. 

Managers can even create branded, ready-made templates, in which selected staff are able to drop in content for the relevant sections.

Easy to set up and use, cloud-based digital signage offers a cost-efficient and highly secure way to roll out impactful data-driven communications across every department floor and team location. With this kind of solution, you can highlight – and carefully present – everything from patient metrics to financial reports in exactly the way you want and in near-real time.