How to find and work with digital signage companies


Digital signage companies are growing at a rapid rate, bringing with them a vast range of solutions and services for almost any industry application. 

For anyone new to the world of digital signage, this can be daunting, making it a challenge just to understand what they offer and how to choose between them. Without much readily available and widespread information on how the industry works, many are left asking themselves how exactly do you buy and install digital signage and from whom?

First off, it’s important to be crystal clear on who sells what. While you can buy digital signage equipment online from retailers, if you’re unsure of what digital signage solution you need, and/or how to deal with the installation, then this isn’t likely to be a good option for you.

AV and IT resellers, VARs and systems integrators

In this instance, you’re much better off approaching resellers, value-added resellers (VARs), or audio visual systems integrators. As they don’t represent any specific hardware or software brand, they can offer impartial recommendations about what you need. 

When acting as purchasing agents for their clients, they’re also able to negotiate the best prices, thanks to the sheer volume of products they buy.

Resellers and VARs also receive many other discounts and special offers from distributors, as well as product manufacturers, which ensure they can offer customers exceptional value for money.


If you’re strictly just after some good advice and the purchase of digital signage equipment, then resellers can certainly help. Offering a wealth of specialist sector industry experience, they’re perfectly placed to help you find the right technologies, working closely with many brands, as well as distributors.

Value added resellers

Often referred to interchangeably as “integrators”, Value added resellers (VARs) offer additional services, literally adding value to the products they buy by customising them and integrating them with services. VARs can install, set up and manage your digital signage systems.

Audio visual systems integrators

Audio visual systems integrators similarly build solutions for you, combining hardware, software, networking and storage products. For a client commission, they can also sometimes resell products to customers as part of a systems integration project.


You’re likely to see many distributors online. However, while some do sell direct to end users, for the most part, they sell to resellers and VARs. This usually helps to improve the end user customer experience, as resellers and VARs have the time, experience and expertise to help customers find and build exactly the right custom-fit solution for their needs.

How to manage a digital signage project

Fundamentally, for any digital signage project, you’ll need screen/s, media players to deliver your content on-screen, and ideally, a content management system (CMS) to help design, schedule and distribute your campaigns.

While this may seem easy enough to manage, there are countless options for hardware and software, each working well for a different kind of application and solution, so it’s always worth taking your time to research them. You’ll also have to ensure that the products you select are compatible with one another. 

Often dubbed “solutions providers”, VARs can help guide you and immediately identify what overall digital signage systems would work best for you, and fit your budget, as well as which compatible products you would need to build them.