i is for interrupts


Following the previous post detailing the interrupt functionality of Signagelive, let’s exore further how the functionality works.

Simy, every interrupt resolves to a letter as if pressed on a keyboard. So as an example, the Audience Measurement module outputs a ‘M’ if a Male is recoginised by the camera and a ‘F’ if a Female.

In the above example, Signagelive is configured to recognise the ‘M’ and ‘F’ and respond with the appropriate actions configured by the Signagelive network administrator. For the gender recognition apication, Signagelive could be configured to pause the scheduled playlist of content and play content targeted specifically at a Male or Female audience.

It is also worth noting that all content ayed back, whether scheduled or triggered by interrupt, is date and time stamped and logged back to Signagelive for reporting and analysis.

By utilising key recogintion, Signagelive interrupts can be configured to respond to multiple inputs connected to one device. For example, Audience Measurement can co-exist with Touchscreen control or RFID with Proximity Sensors.

If you would like to trial Signagelive and the interrupt functionality, take the opportunity to register for a Free 30-display trial.

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