Revitalise your old players with ChromeOS Flex and Signagelive


Managing old Mac, Linux and Windows digital signage media players can be costly and inefficient, ultimately resulting in most organisations simply throwing them out, when the devices can no longer support their current operating systems.

However, there is another, more environmentally friendly way to deal with outdated hardware that could actually help further the sustainability goals of your organisation.

With ChromeOS Flex and Signagelive, instead of disposing of your outdated devices, you can now give many of them a new lease of life as cost and energy-efficient, enterprise-ready digital signage solutions. 

Simply by replacing the operating system of any compatible Windows, Linux or Mac devices with ChromeOS Flex, you can instantly modernise your old hardware, and with a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Licence, support cutting-edge, intuitive user experiences from anywhere. 

When you add Signagelive to the equation, you can go one step further, and unlock your devices’ full potential as dynamic, leading-edge digital signage players.

Tightly integrated, Chrome Enterprise Recommended digital signage solution

As a Chrome Enterprise Recommended digital signage solution, Signagelive offers one of the most tightly integrated, cutting-edge content management platforms for Chrome OS. This makes it ideal for use with any ChromeOS Flex device, allowing you to manage the seamless execution and secure delivery – at scale, of everything from complex, multimedia campaigns to global data strategies.

So, what exactly is Chrome OS Flex?

Widely considered a new version of Google’s CloudReady technology, ChromeOS Flex is a cloud-first, fast, easy-to-manage and secure operating system for PCs and Macs, which lets you upgrade devices that you already own.  

With ChromeOS Flex and the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Licence, you can transform sluggish, unreliable old hardware into ultra-fast and secure devices that boot quickly, don’t slow over time, and can be managed more easily from the cloud.

Easy cloud-management with the Google Admin Console

Through the Google Admin Console, it’s easy to set up Chrome features remotely for your managed devices and enforce policies and settings that apply organisation-wide, or to specific groups of users.  

Extra security controls

Offering a smooth, intuitive, and consistent plug-and-play user experience for all your teams, ChromeOS Flex devices also give you additional security controls. These include using the Google Admin Console to disable devices remotely, if they’re stolen, or to remove sensitive data at the end of user sessions.

Remote monitoring

From the Google Admin Console, you’re also able to monitor the user experience remotely, and pull 7-day active metrics, OS versions and crash reports to help keep your network running smoothly.


Why pair Signagelive with your Chrome Flex OS devices?

Easy and cost-efficient way to switch to Signagelive

Together with ChromeOS Flex, Signagelive can help you deliver next-level, enterprise-grade digital signage experiences from your old players, while also reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint, and the total cost of ownership. It’s another easy, cost-effective and hassle-free way to switch from your usual content management system (CMS) to Signagelive, and experience first-hand what we can do for your network.

Simplified central management for large networks

For a start, through our suite of leading-edge, enterprise-ready functionality, you can centrally manage even the vastest, multi-location networks, and still ensure optional input at a local level.

Features, such as Granular User Permissions make it easy to share the workload by enabling you to assign various levels of user access and management responsibilities across the network. 

Once you have team members in place, logging onto the platform is also fast and convenient with the integrated Single Sign On function. 

Streamlined workflows

For further time and resource-saving support, features, like the In-built Manager streamline workflows, allowing you to group geographically relevant players together, so you can send out your selected content to them, all at the same time. 

Support for data-driven workplace cultures

Signagelive-powered ChromeOS Flex devices are also the perfect addition to any workplace. Offering so much more than an opportunity to modernise office networks, they actually help foster more successful, data-driven work cultures by allowing you to share your data visualisation strategies at scale, using Signagelive’s data app integrations.

Through Signagelive Secure Dashboards, you can, for instance, immediately scale out and securely display password-protected data dashboards from any business intelligence tools, right across your network, while they’re still fresh and up-to-the-minute relevant. 

You won’t have to expose your login credentials or make your data publicly available via URL, and for extra speed and convenience, you can access multiple dashboards, using a single Smart login.

For those organisations using only Microsoft Power BI, Signagelive also offers a dedicated integrated app. Providing an ultra-smooth, secure and convenient user experience, it enables you to login directly through the API, using either a one-time password (OTP) authentication, or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). In addition to this, you can also preview your Power BI reports, before they go live.

Interactive digital signage experiences for sales and hospitality

With touch-screen ChromeOS Flex devices, Signagelive makes it easier to create impactful, interactive digital signage experiences for every scenario from engaging guests as they walk into lobbies and receptions to promoting add-on purchases at retail check-outs.

Kiosk Mode

In Kiosk Mode, with just a single touch interaction, any interactive web application can be launched instantly, whether that’s to tempt customers with additional menu options, as they order their food in QSRs, or to elicit customer feedback as guests check out of hotels.

Support for unique interactive experiences

Signagelive web trigger APIs offer further support, making it possible for you to develop your own unique customer or visitor experiences. This kind of experiential marketing can help generate additional streams of revenue, enabling you to trigger more product and/or service information every time customers interact with products in your showcase.

When digital signage players are simply no longer able to keep up with the hardware requirements of their existing operating systems, it can feel like the end of the road. However, if you switch the devices over to ChromeOS Flex and Signagelive, it can present a new opportunity, not only to salvage and modernise compatible models, but also sustainably transform them into next-level, cost-efficient and versatile digital signage solutions.