Signagelive to demonstrate interactive solutions at LG Business Solutions


WASHINGTON, May 2nd, 2016 – Signagelive, global suppliers of leading cloud-based digital signage technology solutions, is presenting its SoC and HTML5 software through a range of real-world examples at the 2016 LG Business Solutions Commercial Display roadshows. LG Electronics USA selected Signagelive as a key technology partner to demonstrate the capabilities of the LG “webOS for Signage” platform during LG’s six-city road show, which kicks off May 4 at Nationals Stadium in Washington.


Signagelive’s digital signage technology platform with integrated support “lift and learn” and dynamic NFC technologies, will be used to power the latest range of LG webOS displays directly over LAN without the need for external media players. Using Signagelive’s SoC software and intuitive CMS, commercial organisations can take their static signage applications into the interactive world and allow end-customers to interact with displayed content via smartphones or touchscreen displays.

Lift and Learn technologies, combined with smart commercial displays with LG webOS for Signage and powered by Signagelive, add a new dimension to digital signage campaigns. Retailers, for example, can ensure their best selling products are strategically placed on pressure sensors in front of in-store displays featuring eye-catching content, generating a “pull factor” for customers. If these products are picked up, a trigger is initiated, instructing the display to show content specific to that product, creating a powerful retail experience.

Dynamic NFC technology, on the other hand, used in conjunction with Signagelive’s, digital signage technology platform on LG smart displays, enables retailers or QSR owners to generate and roll out promotional content such as downloadable vouchers or special promotions to customers’ Smartphones to encourage brand loyalty and spontaneous purchasing.

“Interactive functionality takes digital signage to a whole new level,” comments Raffi Vartian, CMO of Signagelive. “Using LG webOS displays powered by our SoC software, large brands can transform static networks into a powerful marketing tool and benefit from web triggering technologies to deliver a wow factor experience.”

LG webOS displays, powered by Signagelive SoC and HTML5 software, eliminate the need for external media players to run and manage interactive applications, resulting in significant capital savings from the outset as well as ongoing operational savings.

Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage network platform supports multiple content formats including static images, 4k video, web pages, IPTV, multi-zoning for different media types, touch screen applications, image layering and RSS feeds. The platform also comprises optional proof of play and delivery functionality to monitor the results of interactive campaigns.