Signagelive Roadmap – Ever wondered what we are up to?

As Product Owner at Signagelive, I am constantly looking at improving the communication about what the Development team is working on and sharing this with our valued customers and partners. Over the next few weeks and months you will see many changes which I hope will make you see how much we value your input and opinion.

Have you ever wondered what we are currently working on, what is close to being released and what we are looking at doing in the future? Well now you can, with our new Roadmap.

Each card is colour coded, to show the section of Signagelive it relates to, whether it be the User Interface or one of our supported Players.

Signagelive Roadmap

You might also ask, what does “Near Term”, “Medium Term” and “Long Term” mean?

  • Near Term – Currently in Development by our amazing Dev Team
  • Medium Term – Next in Line for Development, and ready to drop in to the Near Term
  • Long Term – as the name suggest, our long term goals and will be available in the future

I’ve also been looking to update our Change Log, so that it is simple to read and all in one place.

Signagelive Changelog

You’ll find it in our excellent, and recently updated, Help Centre, or get to it straight away here. We update this every time we make a change, so check back regularly, although you will also be notified of the changes we make so you never miss out.

Keep your eyes out over the next couple of weeks for more exciting ways we are improving our communication and looking to get you involved.