The Digital Signage ‘Pyramid of Opportunity’


Following on from our recent Post ‘Demystifying Digital Signage Software’ , I wanted to expand on the points made to exain why a Digital Signage solution such as Signagelive provides the perfect tool kit (not just a single Hammer) for the many hundreds of Distributors, Resellers and Signagelive Customers who use the platform everydisplay across thousands of locations around the world.

In every business sector, there is a Pyramid of Opportunity that details the sector you operate in and the requirements of the potential customer base for your proposition.

If you take the Digital Signage Sector as a whole, 10% of potential customers require the feature-set provided by legacy software solutions that were created before the Internet and associated web-based software removed the need for proprietary platforms. These solution are ‘overkill’ for the vast majority of applications and far too comex with steep learning curves and prohibitive costs.

o⋅ver⋅kill   /ˈoʊvərˌkɪl/  Show Spelled Pronunciation [oh-ver-kil]  Show IPA
–noun 1. the capacity of a nation to destroy, by nuclear weapons, more of an enemy than would be necessary for a military victory.
2. an instance of such destruction.
3. an excess of what is required or suitable, as because of zeal or misjudgement.

At the base of the triangle, 20% of customers are more than satisfied with a range of simple technologies that displplay content on screen including DVD devices, PC Screensavers, PowerPoint and Compact Flash powered media devices including Digital Photo Frames.

Removing the above, you are left with the remaining 70% mainstream, cross sector, potential customer who wants to update their own content to network connected screens locally or across multiple sites.

These customers do not want to learn a new set of skills or invest time and money in setting up the technology required. In addition, they do not want to rely on a third party company to create bespoke content and setup and manage their network when they can be up and running in a few minutes with a true SaaS web based solution for a typical end user price of 62p per day.

In summary, if you require a comex and expensive solution to run your Digital Signage network choose a product that addresses 10% of the market, alternatively as Signagelive is a proper SaaS solution we can set you up in 10 minutes and you can try it with a free 30-display trial.

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