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 Signagelive server infrastructure

As part of our continued strategy for Signagelive we are moving to bigger better and faster servers. It is important that we stplay ahead of the curve and the benefit of a true software as a service multi tenanted infrastructure is that it all happens in the background with no upheaval for you.

As part of this upgrade we are more than triing the standard monthly bandwidth from 300 Mb to 1GB for all users.

We are often asked to exain how our infrastructure works so here’s a brief description of the setup:

All of our servers are reicated and load balanced which means that there is no single point of failure and that all of the traffic is managed so that maximum efficiency is achieved by spreading the workload across all of the servers thus speeding up the response times. For added security safety and uptime each server is in a different data centre suite which means it has a different connection to the power grid and an independent connection to the internet, so much so that our hosting company promise 100 % network uptime !

We choose our hosting partners very carefully and our UK hosting company has won the “ISPA’s Best Hosting Provider” every year since 2005.

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