The Next Generation of Digital Media in Retail

Customers are now able to engage with Digital Media in a way that was never possible with passive aisle mounted large screens running TV style content. Using the latest RFID technology shoppers can now interact at the Point of Decision, in amongst product, where they are provided with media content specific to their needs at the point at which they are making the decision to purchase.

The project was provided through Lime IT ( a Signagelive Strategic Partner focused on technology led Retail applications, to Estee Lauder Aramis and Designer Fragrances for their Lab Series Skin Care For Men range of products for men. The solution comprises of LCD screens and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagged products fully integrated with both Signagelive ( and traditional retail point of sale, which when picked up, play back video specific to the selected product along with cross-recommendation to other products in the range. In addition, a special tag presented by a Lab Series Consultant turns the screens into a skin scanner enabling a customer’s skin type to be analysed and suitable products recommended.

In addition to the customer experience, the solution provides Estee Lauder Lab Series Skincare For Men  ‘Real Time’ statistics of every customer interaction with their products and the subsequent impact on sales at the tills.

The project incorporates:

4 x RFID ates capable of ready 16 RFID tagged individual products each.
1 x Skin Scanner
1 x Signagelive device HD Pro units connected to LCD Displays and RFID ates.
1 x USB 3G/HSDPA modem and connection hooked up to Signagelive over Vodafone.

General Operation:

1. Ability for Attract content to be scheduled and updated remotely over 3G/HSDPA from a web-browser using Signagelive.
2. New interrupt functionality allows the Signagelive administrator to upload specific media content and assign to individual RFID tags in order to play specific content when the item is picked up.
3. Administrator RFID tag at local site to allow Lab Series consultant to override system and for the skin scanner to be shown on screens.
4. All media ayback and interrupts are logged real-time back to Signagelive for online reporting and option to download as CSV for offline analysis.
5. Entire solution can be refreshed and re-merchandised remotely through Signagelive and options available for integration with EPOS to track user pick-up > media ayback > sales at tills.

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