Urban Media Choose Signagelive

It is with great easure that we announce our latest strategic partnership with Norwegian media company Urban Media.

Commenting on the partnership Einar Schwaiger company founder says “Urban Media is a Norwegian based digital advertising channel. The company provide news, weather, entertainment and advertising through our screens on buses, taxi’s, ferry’s and other locations in over 20 cities in Norway. We have searched the market to find a software solution that could meet our demands on flexibility, security, and “ug & ay” opportunities, and was pleased to learn that Remote Media could meet all of our demands. Not only the technical solution, but also the economic model, is an advantage for company’s that wish to grow fast and secure. It is a easure to recommend Remote Media to other devices in the digital signage business around the world.”

The first 100 Signagelive enabled devices are being rolled out this month with ans for immediate growth.  The Urban Media Signagelive network devices are fully managed over a GPRS/3G mobile network. 

Posted by Kevin Goldsmith

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