Urban Media’s Signagelive Network Continues to Expand

Urban Media expand their Signagelive network to include an additional 60 licences on top of the existing 100 licence network. This makes Urban Media the largest Signagelive network in Europe by which each Signagelive devices is updated over the GPRS/3G mobile networks.

Company founder, Einar Schwaiger, says: “We are pleased to continue the good collaboration with Remote Media thru continuing using their great Digital Signage Software, Signagelive. Urban Medias speciality is Digital Signage in moving locations, like taxicabs and coaches. The reason for us increasing the volume of licenses now, is because we are launching our brand new media channel in Norway, called TRANSIT. This is digital advertisement with national distribution, where our advertisers reach out to the travellers on digital LCD screens on the Airport Express Coaches.

The channel has a 60 / 40 division between editorial content and advertisement, and the advertisers are exposed across more than 150 screens in 14 cities, including the important and biggest cities in Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. The Airport Express Coaches has a high share of business travellers – an attractive target audience, who are determined and have spending power above average.”

Kevin Goldsmith – Head of Strategic Partnerships says “It is always great to hear about successes from our International Signagelive community and especially encouraging during the current economic climate. A clear indication of the good value Signagelive offers.”

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