Warden Park School communicates using Signagelive

An appointed IT consultant for West Sussex County Council contacted Green Circles to find a solution for Digital Signage within Warden Park School.


The County Council were looking into a County wide Cisco solution, but this was put on hold. The School had prepared for the signage system and had 6 LCD screens installed around the school since April 2008, but did not have a media running on them.


Walden Park set a tight deadline to get a system up and running before a parent’s open evening. This was achieved with the please of installation that Signagelive offers. The school was provided on-site training and were able to deploy content to the screens with speed and ease.

As a result of the installation, Warden Park  now have a fully working system  showing a mix of media including custom RSS feeds to inform pupils and staff of current school related news

The project incorporates:

6 x 42” Panasonic displays
6 x Signagelive hd pro devices

General Operation:

The Signagelive platform allows the school to deploy content to specific screens across the network, which enables messages to be tailored to staff, parents and students.

Gary Kentall – Green Circles Design says “by working with RGB communication and Signagelive we have provided Warden Park School with a best of breed solution without the need for additional backend servers.”

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