Samsung Smart Signage D-series 2014

Signagelive launches support for the Samsung D-series range of Smart Signage Displays

Following the commercial success of the support for the 2013 range of Samsung Smart Signage Displays, Signagelive has launched support for the latest 2014 D-series range of Samsung Smart Signage Displays.

Samsung’s Smart Signage Display range comprises embedded media player technology. This eliminates the need for onsite PCs to run and manage campaigns, resulting in significant cost reductions per installation as well as ongoing operational and energy savings.

Signagelive has configured its proven technology to integrate seamlessly with Samsung’s Smart Signage Display range. The company’s new System on Chip (SoC) software is written in HTML5 and replicates the functionality of its PC-based software. The new Samsung D-series Smart Signage Display software version delivers enterprise-grade digital signage capabilities at a highly competitive price and without needing to install any onsite hardware.

Signagelive’s D-series Smart Signage Display offering makes full use of the new 1920×1080 resolution to deliver HD quality content in landscape and portrait with fullscreen and multi-zone layout support.

Portrait and Landscape Support for Samsung SSP Displays

Signagelive portrait and landscape support for Samsung Smart Signage Displays

Signagelive’s SoC software supports different content formats including static images, video, HDMI input, IPTV, web pages and RSS feeds. It also comprises innovative features such as drag and drop functionality, QR code support and management integration for widgets such as Twitter or Facebook.

In addition to the next-generation Smart Signage Platform system-on-a-chip, the new Samsung D Series commercial displays also introduce a flexible new design approach featuring replaceable bezels in a variety of colours that enable users to customise signage to match any environment.

To provide solutions suited for any project, the D Series models are tiered in three product lines: the DB Series, an entry-level lineup providing access to Smart Signage Platform capabilities; the DM Series, the broadest product line, rated for 24/7 operation; and the DH Series, the premium lineup offering 700nit brightness. Built-in WiFi featured on DM and DH Series models eliminates the need for network cables, making installation easier than ever.

Available in a range of sizes from 22- to 85-inches, the D Series is available bundled with Signagelive through Samsung’s distribution and reseller partners.

Further information regarding our latest Samsung D-series Smart Signage support is available on the Signagelive Knowledgebase.