Software options for Retail Digital Signage Solutions


Choosing the right CMS for your Retail solution

Digital signage is one of the most powerful tools you can use when it comes to engaging with your customers. From directing footfall and promoting offers, to creating a more experiential and enthralling buyer experience. 

One of the biggest challenges that retailers face today is the continuous growth of online purchasing. The rebuttal to this has been to create a more dynamic in-store experience that offers something on the high street that can’t be replicated online. 

Over 71% of consumers feel that advertising on digital signage stands out more compared to online advertising. A perfect example of this working in the real world is Iceland’s incredible 700% increase in coconut water sales after featuring a deal on their signage

Iceland (1)

So how do we look to increase our buyer experience while getting the most from the digital signage that we have? 

Having digital signage and creating a digital signage experience are two very different things. As with any good conversion strategies, content is always KEY. That means making your content engaging, eye-catching and memorable. There’s more to creating good digital signage than just good content though. When looking at your CMS (content management system) provider, you should ask yourself if they tick all the boxes for what you need today but also, for what you might want in the future. 

Some of the key items to consider are:

Can I schedule my content at scale?

Can you build, deliver and plan your content into the future across different stores, different languages and different stock levels? When you’re looking at your CMS of choice, ask yourself (or better yet, ask the CMS provider) how you can scale with the platform. How can you tackle items like unique product placements or differing stock levels in different regions? Some platforms may even have the capability to use your existing EPOS system to integrate (with development) your stock data to help your digital signage automate its promotional items.