Beaconsfield School explains how they use digital signage to keep students informed and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As students return to school and university the requirement for Education establishments to keep their students informed and safe during the ongoing COVID-19 is paramount. To help our customers address the challenge, Signagelive has provided free COVID-19 content which is being used widely across the Education and Healthcare sectors, as well as in many factories and offices

Beaconsfield School have shared their experiences with us on how they are currently using Signagelive digital signage and our free COVID-19 content to inform and educate their students. 

Beaconsfield School use Signagelive digital signage to show COVID-19 messages

Clair Griffiths is Marketing Officer at Beaconsfield School and shared their insight into how they use Signagelive:

We regularly update the content on the screens to target students waiting outside classrooms or during social times. We try to keep the content visual, not too wordy and stick to the facts so that students can take it in quickly.  It has to be kept up to date as out of date information is confusing. 

Signagelive is great because it allows us to adapt our messages quickly and get them out to hundreds of students immediately.  We can also have different messages on different screens.  For instance, the Sports Hall will have fixtures up and photos of school teams and sporting events, whereas the school hall, will have more generic messages.

Signagelive digital signage allows you to adapt your messaging easily to keep up to date with current situations and events

We generally have a range of messages including extracurricular clubs, attendance figures and photos of trips or visits.  We also use it for Parents Evenings so that people know where they are expected to go and while they are waiting can see up to date facts and figures from the school.

It is vital that COVID-19 messaging is clear and easy to follow for students in schools

At the moment it is vital as we are ensuring that students follow social distancing and face coverings measures so all of our screens are repeating the same messages.  We have used some of the free content Signagelive has provided which has really helped us target the messages clearly and effectively.  We have used the face covering videos and the hand washing slide.

Signagelive provide free content in the form of videos and images

The digital displays are much better than posters as screens are more compelling for the students to look at and posters stay pretty much the same all term.

The best things about Signagelive are the ability to adapt content quickly and easily to different locations around the school.  It is so easy to make a slide and then upload it to the Master slide playlist. 

Visual content is the most impactful – especially if it moves and Signagelive has really helped us get the COVID-19 message across by giving us free video content.

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